March 2002

Quick Tip: Headlines

John Forde discusses the importance of honesty in your headlines.

Ask the Masters: AWAI Board Members Answer Member Questions

Master copywriters give tips for following up with your prospects and working with clients during editing.

Secrets of a Master: “The Secret of the ‘Naïve’ Narrator”

John Forde shares how you can use the “naïve narrator” technique to connect with your readers.

Interview With AWAI Member and Webmaster David Pierce: How to Get Your Web Ad Read, Part 1

In an interview AWAI member David Pierce shares tips and techniques for writing copy that will be effective on the Internet.

Success Story: Interview With Budding Copywriter and AWAI Member Krista Jones

In an AWAI interview, Krista Jones reveals her experience with the 10k challenge.

Secrets of a Master: “The Secret of the ‘Skeptical’ Narrator” by John Forde

John Forde shares master-level copywriting secrets.

Interview With a Pro: Our Conversation With Master Copywriter Dick Sanders, Part 2

Master copywriter Dick Sanders gives you his advice for launching your copywriting career.