April 2002

More Design Tips Every Copywriter Should Know

Learn how design impacts the success of a direct response package.

The Master Copywriter's Checklist for Creating Irresistible Offers

The offer is critical to a promotion's success—learn how to create an irresistible offer.

Finding the Key to a Successful Package: the U.S.P.

Learn how to uncover and write a compelling “Unique Sales Proposition”.

Quick Tip: Make It Easy to Respond

A good response device is crucial to your direct response package.

How to Ask for – and Get – the Fees You Deserve

One of the toughest questions beginning and experienced service providers wrestle with is: “How much should I charge?”

Interview: AWAI Member and Webmaster David Pierce: How to Get Your Web Ad Read, Part 2

AWAI member David Pierce tells you how to write copy that will get read on the web.

5 Insights from 2 Leading Direct Mail Graphic Artists That Will Make You a Better Copywriter

Insights from direct mail designers on how copywriters can get involved in the design process for better results.

Direct Mail “Definitions”

John Forde gives you definitions (real ones and funny ones) for common direct response marketing terms.

Getting Clients – Guaranteed: 6 Secrets from Bob Bly

Bob Bly reveals six methods you can use to land new clients.