May 2002

Secrets of the Masters: 10 Things Every Copywriter Should Know About How to Boost Response Rates With Graphic Design

Master direct marketers reveal ten things you should know about design and how it impacts response.

Success Stories: Bob Bly Introduces Us to Graphic Artists Who Are Earning over $100,000 Working from Home

Bob Bly shares the success stories of direct response graphic artists who earn a good income working from home.

How to Use Graphic Design in Your Package to Put Your Prospect in the Mood to Buy

Discover how graphic design choices affect the success of your copy.

Marketing Insight: Michael Masterson on Fear and Greed

Michael Masterson tells you why fear and greed aren't the most powerful motivating emotions in your copy.

Success Story: AWAI’s Tom Schueneman Is Looking for Travel Writers

In an interview, AWAI's Tom Schueneman reveals why he needs your travel stories.

Roadmap to Success: The Copy Platform How to Write One and How to Use It

Once you've done your research on your product and audience, Bob Bly shows you how to get everything organized and keep your client in the loop.

You Got an Assignment – Here’s Your First Step to Writing a Winning Package

Bob Bly reveals the steps every copywriter should take when first digging into a new assignment.