August 2002

Copywriting Bugaboo

A commonly used copywriting technique that may be derailing your success.

Interview With a Pro: How Pegi Deitz Shea Uses Copywriting Skills to Write Award-Winning Children's Books

In an interview, Children's book writer Pegi Deitz Shea reveals how her copywriting skills bolstered her success.

Success Story: AWAI Member Peter F. Tells Us How He Beat Our Control

An interview with AWAI member Peter F. on how he wrote the letter that beat AWAI's control.

The Copywriter Who Wrote the Pledge of Allegiance

Learn the true story behind how the Pledge of Allegiance was written.

The “Ben Franklin” (and Other Secret Ways to Close a Sales Pitch)

Discover five methods for closing your sales promotions.

How to Produce More While Working Less

How to get more out of your copywriting study.