September 2002

Be a Much Better Writer by Avoiding the Biggest Mistake Most Good Writers Make

Michael Masterson identifies the biggest mistake writers make and shows you how to avoid it.

Get Clients to Say “Yes” by Improving Your Telephone Skills

How improving your telephone skills can help you land more clients.

It's Good to Know About Tough Grammar: Past-Tense Endings

Tips for handling tough verb tenses.

Secrets of a Master: “Wannabe” vs. “Have-To-Be”: The Difference Between Copy That Works and Copy That Doesn't

John Forde shows you how a difference in your approach can cause your next package to succeed or fail.

Tips for Building Your Copywriting Portfolio

Discover seven ways to build your copywriting portfolio.

How to Write Better Copy by Being Honest

Michael Masterson and John Forde on the importance of being honest in your copy.

Tips for Writing Successful Fundraising Sales Letters

Discover tips on how to write successful direct marketing packages for the fundraising industry.

What to Do When Your Client Asks for a Resume

Freelancers aren't often asked for a resume – here's what to do when you are.

In the News: Companies Are Spending More of Their Advertising Dollars on Direct Marketing

Companies are increasing spending on direct marketing, which could mean more copywriting opportunities for you.

Secrets of a Master: Features and Benefits Made Eas(ier)

John Forde makes it easy to tell the difference between features and benefits.