February 2003

Marketing Managers and Royalties: How to Market Yourself

Paul Hollingshead shares a great way for new copywriters to market themselves.

How to Use Free Reports to Increase Response Rates

Professional copywriter Scott Haines weighs in on the power of the free report.

Quick Tip: Marketing Yourself

Kammy Thurman shows how to find hidden opportunities by just putting yourself out there.

10 Steps to Escaping the Job World and Creating the Life You Really Want

Changing Course creator, Valerie Young, shares ten step that will set you on the path toward the life and career you really want.

Get It in Writing: 6 Things You Want to Include When Writing Letters of Agreement

Krista Jones shows you how to write a letter of agreement.

Boost Your Sales by Having a Contingency Plan

Michael Masterson shows you how a contingency plan can boost your sales.

Secrets of a Master: Use the "S" Factor to Boost Readership and Response

Bob Bly reveals a small change that will boost the power of your headline.

Interview with a Pro: How to Increase Response Rates Up to 100% Without Changing a Word, Part 2 – A Conversation With Ted Kikoler

Ted Kikoler gives his insights on how copy and design work together and what design approaches work best.