March 2003

How to Decide Where the Promise Should Be in Your Copy

Michael Masterson reveals the most powerful placement for promises within your direct marketing copy.

A Telephone Script for Approaching New Clients

Find out how to use prospecting by telephone as one of the fastest, cheapest ways to land new writing assignments.

Five Tips I Picked Up at Last Year's Bootcamp for Writing Winning Catalog Copy

Krista Jones shares five secrets she learned about writing catalog copy from attending AWAI's bootcamp.

How to Get Your Prospect to "Listen" to You

Discover how to grab and keep your reader's attention.

7 Proven Ways to Find Your First Client

Lori Appling shares seven tips from AWAI members on how to land your first client.

Direct Mail Debate: Should You Disguise the Envelope – or Not?

Michael Masterson discusses whether or not to disguise your envelope.

Quick Tip: How Marketing Managers Really Feel About Working with Copywriters

Find out what marketing managers really think about copywriters.

What You Don't Know About "Readability" Stats Could Be Killing Your Copy

Scott Haines shows you how to gauge the readability of your package.

More on Headlines: 25 Headline Archetypes to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Twenty-five proven headline formulas that will help you write better headlines.

Secrets of the Masters: 31-derfully Simple Ways to Make Your Ads Generate More Inquiries

Bob Bly shows how to improve the results of a lead generation, awareness building, or image building campaign.