May 2003

Ted Kikoler on Reply Card Design

Ted Kikoler lets you in on his secrets for designing better reply cards.

One Simple Way to Win Your Client Over

Krista Jones reveals a very important, very simple way to boost your success and increase your client satisfaction.

4 (Incredibly Simple) Ways to Gain the Confidence You Need to Go Out and Get Clients

Bob Bly shares four easy ways to prepare yourself to approach and land new clients.

Interview with a Pro: John Carlton Reveals the Secrets Behind His Letter for "Sex: A Man's Guide"

John Carlton joins AWAI for an interview on how he's found big success writing edgy copy.

Do You Make This Common Mistake When Writing Financial Packages?

Bob Bly gives you an easy way to avoid a common financial copywriting mistake.

What I Did to Land a Test Mailing for AWAI – and How That Might Help You Win $10,000

Krista Jones shares her experience working on AWAI's 10k challenge.

Quick Tip: Writing Order Devices

Don Mahoney shares some fast advice on writing better order devices.

9 Power-Proofreading Tips for Sales Copy

John Forde shares 9 ways to be sure you catch the mistakes in your copy before handing it in.