June 2003

Why You Should Consider Writing for the Health Market

Can't-miss advice on how to be a better health copywriter.

Seven Ways to Encourage Better Copy Critiques

John Forde gives you seven strategies to get more out of every copy critique.

Book Review: How the Moonies Work the Airports and how Jim Jones Got His Followers to Drink the Poisoned Kool-Aid

Discover must-read books for copywriters.

The Resistance Factor: Avoid It and Boost Response

Find out an insight that Bill Bonner uses to create a deeper connection with readers and motivate them to buy.

Don't Panic If You Don't Have Any Writing Samples in Your Portfolio

Bob Bly tells you how to land clients even without writing samples.

How AWAI Member David Chapman Landed Two Clients in One Week

Learn proven self promotion techniques from an AWAI member who's put them to work landing new clients.

First-Aid for Procrastination

Marcia Yudkin shares how you can overcome procrastination and become a more productive writer.

How to Turn Your Pile of Research into a Seamless Promotional Package

John Forde shares how to integrate your research into your package.

Quick Tip: The Real Meaning of "Good Writing"

John Forde reveals a powerful secret that will help you become a better writer.

How to Turn Your Ideas into a Million Dollars

How you can use your copywriting skills to build a million dollar business.