July 2003

Writing Under the Gun

Sometimes pressure brings out the best in your writing.

14 Tips Copywriters Can Learn from Professional Storytellers

John Forde shows how the art of storytelling can make your copy stronger.

Success Story: Mary Guinane Smith Tells Us How She Overcame Her Biggest Challenge – Gaining Enough Confidence to Market Herself

AWAI member advice on gaining confidence and self promotion.

Member Asks: Will the "Do Not Call" Legislation Affect My Copywriting Career If the Law Turns to Target Direct Mail?

Find out what “Do Not Call” legislation means for copywriters now and in the future.

Quick Tip: The Importance of Repeat Clients

Bob Bly shares how repeat clients make your business stronger.

5 Shockingly Simple Ways to Influence Your Buyer

John Forde reveals five simple persuasive tools that can boost your sales.

A Headline Writer's Toolkit: The 12 Most Powerful Words in Advertising

Twelve words that can punch up your headline.

Interview with a Pro: Scott Haines on Discipline, Criticism and How to Find Highly-Successful Controls You Can Learn From

In an interview with Scott Haines, you'll learn how to study controls to hone your copywriting skills.