November 2003

Bootcamp Tip: Free Ways to Gather Vital Information on Your Target Market

Discover a powerful copywriting tip from the 2003 bootcamp.

Interview with a Pro: Ilise Benun on Promoting Yourself Online

Ilise Benun weighs in with advice on marketing yourself online.

Market to the Person Your Prospect Wants to Be

Michael Masterson explains the importance of knowing who your audience wants to be.

Revealing Deeper Benefits

John Forde shows you how to find the most important benefits of your product.

5 Quick Copywriting Secrets

Five secrets to writing stronger copy.

How to Become a Great Copywriter, Not Just a Competent One

Will Newman shows you how to master your copywriting skills.

A Note of Encouragement from This Year's $10,000 Challenge Winner

Krista Jones encourages you to take on the 10k challenge.

How to Increase Response Up to 1,000% Just by Changing the Way You State Your Offer

Bob Bly reveals how changing your offer can make an impressive difference in your response rate.