December 2003

Everything You Need to Know About Working With Graphic Designers

Find out how to work better with your graphic designer and get better response rates.

Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market

Discover how you can succeed as a self help copywriter.

Quick Tip: The Right Way to Write a Great Lead

Discover the secret to writing a great lead.

At Least 10 Books Every Copywriter Should Read – Twice

John Forde recommends ten top books that every copywriter should read.

A Quick Tough-Grammar Tip: What to Do When "Who" Could Be Plural or Singular

Discover a quick guide to correcting a common grammar mistake.

Self-Promotion with How-To Articles

Kammy Thurman reveals a proven, low-cost self-promotion technique.

Quick Tip: Write What You Know

Find out how this old adage for fiction writers applies to copywriters, too.

Success Story: How C.A. Defendorf Landed Her First Copywriting Job … for the World's Largest Airline Catering Company

Discover how AWAI member C.A. Defendorf landing her first major client.