August 2004

Quick Tip: Using Track Changes Function Can Make It Easier to Strengthen Your Copy

Learn to use MS Word's Track Changes function.

Use the Power of Words to Get What You Want

Will Newman reveals six techniques that will make you more persuasive.

Quick Tip: Three Ways to Conquer Writer's Block

Krista Jones shares three great ways to overcome writer's block fast.

An Irresistible Guarantee: Overcoming Your Prospect’s Final Reservations

Will Newman illustrates the importance of a powerful guarantee in boosting response.

Quick Tip: 3 Common Mistakes At-Home Designers and Writers Make

Krista Jones helps those working at home avoid common productivity pitfalls.

Ask a Pro: Secrets of Writing Successful Fundraising Appeals, Part 2

Bill Wilson reveals how to write a successful fundraising institutional appeal.

Ask a Pro: Secrets of Writing Successful Fundraising Appeals, Part 1

Bill Wilson reveals his techniques for successful fundraising promotions.

Avoid These 3 Letters That Say "I Don't Know!"

Three tiny letters that ruin your credibility.

How to Get the Most out of Your Word Processor: Headers and Footer

How to make sure your client knows you wrote the document he's reading.

A Surefire Way to Get Your Email Queries and Promotions Read

Will Newman reveals the most important part of a promotional email along with other email writing tips.