February 2005

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Reactivation Letters

Scott Rempe answers a letter from a member about reactivation letters, and shares a member tip about avoiding computer disasters.

Quick Tip: Avoid the Curse of !!!

Find out why you should use care when using exclamation points.

"Big Ideas" Mean Big Sales in the Financial Market

Don Mahoney weighs in on the importance of a single big idea in your financial promotions.

Quick Tip: Relieving Carpal Tunnel and RMI Pain

Two resources that can help you conquer pain due to repetitive stress.

A Winning Bob Bly Strategy to Land Potential Clients

Will Newman shares one of Bob Bly's strategies for landing clients.

A "Color-Full" Resource for Graphic Designers

Discover a handy resource for graphic designers to have.

How to Avoid Computer Disaster, Part 2: Keep Your Work Safe When It Gets to Your Client

Will Newman gives you a checklist of things you should have in every document you send to a client.

The Best Place for Your Home Office

Will Newman gives you tips on choosing the best location for your office within your home.

How to Avoid Computer Disaster, Part 1: Protect Yourself Against a Hard Drive Crash

Will Newman shows you how and why you should back up your hard drive religiously.