August 2005

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From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Launching a Freelance Business

Scott Rempe talks about launching a freelance business.

Quick Tip: Stop Being a "Student"

Change your attitude about yourself to boost your success.

Where to Find a Treasure Chest of Ideas

Will Newman gives your five strategies to immediately know your prospect better.

From the IFD Mailbag … Design Books and Resources

Rob Davis shares valuable advertising classics that benefit designers.

Quick Tip: Making Sure Your Contrast Wows Your Prospect and Impresses Your Client

Learn how to use your image editing program to apply the correct contrast.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 3: Customizing Your System So It Works for You

Design Experts share the three most important configuration decisions – processor type and speed, memory (RAM), and hard drive space.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Copywriters’ Group

Scott Rempe answers letters from members and talks about copywriters' groups.

Quick Tip: Use a Thesaurus to Strengthen Your Copy

Learn how to quickly use a thesaurus to find the word that means exactly what you want to say.

How to Score Points With a Potential Client by Criticizing What He’s Doing

Bob Bly shares the ins and outs of deliver useful, welcome criticism and how to avoid criticism that can damage client relations.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Self-Mailers

Scott Rempe talks about self-mailers.

Quick Tip: A Cold-Calling Tip on Getting Clients

How to reach a decision-maker on your cold call and the three questions to ask when you connect.

The Awful Truth About Unsolicited Advice, Part 1

Bob Bly shows how unsolicited advice can derail your prospecting and the steps you can take to successfully connect with prospects.

From the IFD Mailbag … Valuable Design Resources

A list of valuable design resources. Information on photo editing software.

Quick Tip: Use the Dime Test for Optimal Photo Sizing

Easy tip on how to make sure that faces incorporated in designs are recognizable.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 2: Laptop or Desktop – Which Is Best for You?

Design experts share their view on what computer is best to start design business.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Finding Out Who Wrote a Promotion

Scott Rempe answers a question from a member about finding out who wrote a promotion.

Using Comparisons Effectively

How to make effective comparisons in your direct marketing packages.

2 More Tips on Finding a Winning Tone

Paul Hollingshead reveals valuable strategies for finding the best tone for your next direct marketing package.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Direct Response Jobs

Scott Rempe talks about

Quick Tip: Present a Professional Image with Your Email

How to send emails that convey your professionalism.

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