December 2005

Quick Tip: Photoshop Elements – a Great Alternative to Photoshop

Find out if Photoshop Elements is right for you.

Improve Designs With Infographics

Kammy Thurman shares how graphics that show information instead of telling it can improve the strength of your design.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Getting Your Foot in the Door

Scott Rempe talks about getting your foot in the door.

Quick Tip: Boost Your Productivity … With Water

Lisa Sargent shares how to boost your productivity by 10% in just 2 minutes.

Personalizing Query Letters for Better Response, Part 1

How mail merge can help improve and personalize your self promotion.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … The Lead and the Big Idea

Scott Rempe answers a member's question about the diference between the lead and the big idea.

Quick Tip: Directory of Newsletters

Lisa Sargent reveals how you can get access to a premium directory at a bargain price.

Imperative to Success: Setting Goals and Objectives Before Writing

Kelly Robbins shows how setting goals and objectives can improve the results of your next direct-mail package.

Quick Tip: Your Professional Image Does Not Have to Cost a Fortune

How online print-on-demand sites can get you professional marketing materials on a budget.

Put Your Prospect in the Mood to Buy

Roger Parker reveals how design choices can turn a direct mail piece from okay into a control.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Bridging the Gap Between Practice Writing and Working on an Assignment

Scott Rempe passes on a note from a member about bridging the gap between practice writing and working on an assignment where someone is paying you to produce winning sales copy on a deadline.

Quick Tip: 4 Pointers for Writing Email Subject Lines

How to craft a professional email subject line.

3 Secrets of Catalog Copywriting Success From Herschell Gordon Lewis

Herschell Gordon Lewis reveals three things you must know to write successful catalog copy.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Identifying Current Gems

Scott Rempe talks about identifying current gems in the direct mail industry.

Quick Tip: An EXTREMELY Affordable Word Processor

Clients expect copy delivered in Word format. You can deliver without breaking your bank.

AWAI Member Ron Murphy’s Secrets for His Rapid Success

Ron Murphy shares how he used online marketing techniques to launch his copywriting career.

Quick Tip: Free Publicity

Mike Klassen gives you two quick strategies for getting free publicity.

8 Stress-Free Steps for Handling Any Graphic Design Assignment

Kristin Schwarz shares her eight-step process for making any graphic design assignment go smoothly.