November 2006

Quick Tip: Maneuvering the Commercial Printing Maze Safely

Mike Klassen shares great resources for learning about commercial printing.

Finding the Best Resolution for All Your Photos and Images

Kristin Schwarz shares guidelines for setting the resolution for your images.

Quick Tip: Frank Bettger’s Self-Promotion Secret

Scott Rempe shows you how your copywriting business can benefit from a 50-year-old marketing book.

4 Reasons to Consider Storytelling Leads – and 5 Places to Find Them

Jen Stevens explains how and why to use storytelling leads in your copywriting packages.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Rewriting Samples

Pat Coffey explains when it's OK to rewrite the samples in your portfolio.

Quick Tip: Words to Avoid From Herschell Gordon Lewis

Herschell Gordon Lewis shows why simpler words are usually the better choice within your copy.

Bootcamp Secrets: Bob Bly’s 5 Most Powerful Strategies for Getting Clients

Promotional strategies Bob Bly recommends to copywriters looking to build their clientele.

Quick Tip: An Easy, Fast … and Safe … Way to Send Large Files

Will Newman shows you and easy, safe way to send large files.

Using Your Portfolio to Make the Strongest Impression Possible

Mike Klassen shows you how you can design a portfolio that will land you more of the assignments you want.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Client Contracts

Pat Coffey answers a question from a member about using contracts with copywriting clients.

Quick Tip: A Valuable Phone Resource

Use this resource when you are traveling to make any trip easier.

The Secret of the Hypnotic Buying Trance

Joe Vitale shares how he gets his readers into a buying mindset.

Quick Tip From Bootcamp: Herschell Gordon Lewis on Writing Powerful Marginal Notes

Herschell Gordon Lewis shows how marginal notes can add power to your copy.

Bootcamp Secrets: A 1-Year Old Niche That’s Wide Open

Will Newman reveals a growing new copywriting niche that pays very well.

Quick Tip: The Smart Designer's Bookshelf

Two books that every designer should have.

How to Design for Optimum Readability

Kammy Thurman relays tips for increasing the readability of your work.