October 2007

Your Next Project Awaits at DirectResponseJobs.com

Rebecca McEldowney announces the launching of the new and improved directresponsejobs.com.

Quick Tip: Read … for Better Writing

How Stephen King can help you be a better copywriter.

How to Respond Successfully to Spec Challenges, Part 2

Gary Hennerberg discusses why you should take spec assignments and how you can make the most of them.

Words of Wisdom …

Herschell Gordon Lewis talks about the unseen dangers of your own education.

Quick Tip: 4 "Musts" of Effective Web Catalog Copy

Will Newman shares for secrets to writing better copy for web catalogs.

How to Respond Successfully to Spec Challenges, Part 1

Gary Hennerberg's bootcamp secrets for spec assignment success whether you are a new copywriter or just trying to break into a new niche.

Quick Tip: Designing E-book Covers … Easily

Mike Klassen shares an easy way to design e-book covers.

Working Collaboratively to Produce Top-Quality Work

Lori Haller talks about why copywriters and designers should work together.

An Exclusive Interview with Self-Help Copywriter Catherine Cairns

Self-help copywriter Catherine Cairns shares tips on launching your career in the self-help market.

Quick Tip: Let a Template Speed You Through Your Copywriting

How using a swipe file can help you write control-beating copy.

Secrets from Bootcamp: The 21-Day Promo Package (With a Day of Golf Thrown In)

Paul Hollingshead and Mike Palmer's plan to write a winning promotion in just 21 days.

Quick Tip: The Comma Demystified

Learn easy-to-remember comma rules that make your life simpler.

Note From Your Roving Bootcamp Reporter

Marcella Allison reports “live” from AWAI’s copywriting bootcamp.

On Bears, Bootcamps, and Headlines

Will Newman gives a sneak peak into his bootcamp presentation “Mastering the Headline Maze.”

Quick Tip: How to Fix Perspective Problems in Photoshop

Will Newman shows you how to fix perspective problems in Photoshop.

Respect What the Copywriter Is Doing

Mike Klassen shares his advice on working with copywriters.

Perfect Copy for an Imperfect World

Hallie Mummert reveals secrets to writing self-help copy that gets read.

Industry Spotlight: Self-Help

Find out about trends and statistics in the self-help market.

Quick Tip: The Secret Power of Color

Most people react to colors in a similar way—you can use this to influence your reader's mood and affect response.

How Graphic Design Secrets Will Boost Your Copywriting Success, Part 2

Will Newman shares how graphic design can boost your copywriting success.