November 2007

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Quick Tip: Speaking a Common Lingo With Copywriters

Will Newman shares some of the common lingo used by copywriters.

7 Strategies to Boost Readability in Any Design

Kammy Thurman reveals seven ways to improve the readability of your designs.

Exercise Products: 4 Ways to Overcome Your Prospect’s Objections

Heather Robson gives you four strategies to overcome objections in health and fitness promotions.

Fitness Guru Matthew Furey Gives You the Secrets to His Success

In an interview, fitness expert Matthew Furey shows how direct response marketing works to build an exercise business.

Dr. Sears Reveals the Challenges of Writing for the Exercise Industry … And How to Overcome Them

PACE program creator, Dr. Sears shares what challenges face a copywriter in the exercise industry and gives strategies for success.

Industry Spotlight: Exercise

Find out about trends and statistics in the exercise market.

Quick Tip: The AWAI Peer Review System

An explanation of the peer review system Michael Masterson recommends.

How to Fail Forward – to Ensure Success

Michael Masterson reveals what to do when you get caught in a rewriting loop.

Quick Tip: How to Be On Time … Everywhere!

Will Newman gives you an online resource to help you keep track of time zones.

Bonus Lesson: Understanding the Math

Master Copywriter Gary Hennerberg shows us that it’s helpful for copywriters to understand “the numbers.”

“It’s All About the Sale. It’s All About Readability”

Lori Haller shares how readability can boost your direct response package's performance.

Quick Tip: Creative Ways to Use Borders

Kammy Thurman reveals some ways to use borders to increase the impact of your designs.

The “Goldilocks Formula” for Just-Right Design

Kammy Thurman shows how all your design elements come together to create just the right effect.

Sandy Franks on How to Get Your Name in Your Best Clients’ “Golden Rolodex”

Sandy Franks lets you in on the secrets of becoming your clients' favorite copywriter.

2 Essential Keys to Surpassing the Best in Your Field

Michael Masterson shares how to become better than the best in your field.

3 Powerful Ways to Get Your Prospect Ready to Listen

Heather Robson reveals three tips for establishing trust with your audience when writing a health supplement promotion.

Alan Serinsky on Writing Great Copy for Supplements

Alan Serinsky shares his tips for writing great copy to sell supplements in the alternative health market.

Jeff McGeary on the Challenges and Rewards of Writing Great Copy for Supplements

In an interview, Jeff McGreary shares secrets for successful copywriting in the supplement industry.

Industry Spotlight: Health Supplements

Find out about trends and statistics in the health supplements market.

Editing the Easy Way

Will Newman provides tips on making the editing process easier.

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