March 2008

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Research Quick Tip … 3 Internet Resources for Getting Inside Your Prospect’s Head … Fast

Knowing your audience is the key to success in any promotion you write. Here are three places you should look online to get to know your prospects and their thoughts about what you’re selling.

Improving Your Copywriting Skills … “This Website Has Exactly What I’m Looking For!”

Web copy expert Nick Usborne explains what you need to recognize and achieve in order to write website copy that helps each visitor or reader accomplish his or her goal.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … Thinking Like Your Prospects

Rebecca McEldowney talks about the importance of thinking like your prospects when writing for the web.

Nick Usborne Talks About a Decade of Writing for the Web

In an interview, web-writing expert Nick Interview tells you what you need to know to succeed as a online copywriter.

Quick Tip: Add Pizzazz to Your Layout With Rounded Rectangles

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to create rounded rectangles.

Working on a Successful Team Project

Advice for designers working with other designs on a project.

AWAIer Jerry Krull Confesses … “My offer was so good, the customer offered to pay me more!”

Jerry Krull shares a story about how learning copywriting helped him save a sale and make more money …by accident.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … “You Can’t Say That!” … The “Smart vs. Dumb” Rule of Copywriting

Master copywriter Don Hauptman explains how in today’s high-speed society full of sensory overload, it’s necessary to simplify in order to grab attention, to communicate, to persuade and sell.

6 Ways to Overcome Your Reader’s Skepticism

Discover six strategies to relieve doubts among health prospects.

Bruce Eichelberger Shares His Secrets for Connecting with an Audience

AWAI trained copywriter shows you how to connect with your audience when writing for the health market.

An Interview with Alternative Health Copywriter Donna Doyle

Alternative health copywriter Donna Doyle gives advice on landing assignments and writing successful promotions.

Building Your Copywriting Business … How AWAI Member Joshua Boswell Turned a $2,000 Assignment Into $60,000

AWAI “Wall of Fame” copywriter Joshua Boswell explains how to get the most out of every project and every client by thinking “win-win.”

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … How “Half-Off” Spells More Money for Your Copywriting Business

AWAI co-founder Don Mahoney suggests a way to get 50% more from your clients on every copywriting project.

Quick Tip: Free Layout Design Software

Will Newman shares where you can find a free desktop publishing program.

3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Design Career

Mike Klassen gives you three ways to get your freelance graphic design career off to a strong start.

AWAIer Keith B. Asks Rebecca … Is Nick’s New Program Suitable for Newbies?

AWAIer Keith B. asks Rebecca McEldowney about Nick Usborne's new AWAI program.

AWAI Insider Success Strategy … Stop Screaming! Use Simple Design to Lead Your Reader Directly to the Sale

Learn how to create a seamless “reading path” for your reader on any web page or advertisement you create. Successful reading paths use a specific design hierarchy.

Improve Your Copywriting Skills … How to Force Your Reader to Keep Reading – Let Me Explain …

AWAI staff writer John Wood explains five ways to utilize conversational transitions in your copy to keep your reader reading.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … An Easy Way to Make Your Copy More Inviting

Master copywriter Paul Hollingshead reveals how creative use of punctuation can make your copy less intimidating to read while injecting a more conversational tone.

Top 15 Mailers in the Health Market

Discover the names and websites of fifteen top mailers in the health industry.

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