May 2008

2 “Better” Motivators

Hallie Mummert weighs in on the best emotional motivators for fundraising copy.

3 More Proven Techniques for Writing Winning Fundraising Copy

Find out three ways to improve your fundraising copywriting.

Quick Tip: Annual Reports Make Profitable Year-Round Gig

Mike Klassen shares how you can boost your income designing annual reports.

Saving Your Client – and Yourself – Time and Money by Getting Your Images Right From the Beginning

Discover guidelines for working with color in your designs.

An Interview With Fundraising Master Kimberly Seville

Top fundraising copywriter Kimberly Seville reveals a 4-step process to get your first fundraising client. Plus, discover the most profitable kind of organizations to write for during this economic downturn.

Try This for 30 Days and You’ll be More Welcome Everywhere You Go

AWAI staff writer John Wood suggests eight reasons to make smiling a part of your daily routine, and four things you can do to live a happier life.

Going Beyond Niche Marketing: Specializing Your Skills

As a copywriter, it can be useful for you to have a personal USP (unique selling proposition). You can develop a specialty within your chosen field, and that can give you an edge.

The One Power Tool That Will Easily, Instantly Ratchet Up Your Copy

Jennifer Stevens suggests the one thing every new copywriter should focus on for creating more engaging copy.

Quick Tip: Password-Protecting Your PDF Documents

Kristin Schwarz shows how to password-protect your pdf files.

So You Worry That Companies With an In-House Designer Won’t Hire You? Don’t!

Mike Klassen shares why even companies with in-house designers might need your services.

How an Oregon Salesman and Two Former Pastors Self-Published a Best-Selling Novel and Sold 750,000 Copies on a $300 Marketing Budget

AWAI staff writer Guillermo Rubio explains how self-promotion combined with a book that taps into the nation’s psyche, can result in a bestseller.

Top 20 Mailers in the Fundraising Sector

List of the top 20 mailers in the fundraising sector.

Industry Spotlight: Fundraising

The following facts about the fundraising sector show that people are ready and willing to give. They also show that there is a great need for copywriters in this industry.

At Least 10 Books Every Copywriter Should Read – Twice

John Forde’s list of “must-reads” for every copywriter, as well as anyone interested in business-building or marketing.