July 2008

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Master One of the Most Important Components of SEO Copywriting in Seven Easy Steps …

Learn how to strategize, research and include keyphrases in your web copy in seven easy steps.

Solve Your Client’s Biggest Problem … While Making $750 (or More) for Writing One “Page” of Copy

Copywriters need to be able to write for the web in order to be competitive. Learn the four key opportunities for online copywriting.

Secrets of a Master: Brainstorming for One

Master Copywriter, John Forde introduces us to Brain-writing, a way to kick ideas around … jumpstart your engines … and get into that “zone” of creativity that you normally hope to get in a group session.

AWAI Launches Brand New Website, Helps Everyday People Lead Better Lives

AWAI launched its new website today, after expanding their vision for the future. Read the announcement from Executive Director, Katie Yeakle.

Jobs & Opportunities

Jobs & Opportunities for the week of 6/30 - 7/4, 2008.

$1000 Savings on Web Copywriting Intensive to Expire Today

Today is the last day to save $1,000 on your registration fee for the Web Copywriting Intensive taking place August 6-8 in Tampa, Florida.

Landing Pages Need Credibility Too

Credibility is as important on a landing page as it is in a direct-mail package. Here are 5 techniques you can use on any landing page you write to build trust and credibility for your clients.

The Most Indispensible Page On The Internet

A copywriter who knows how to write a landing page that quickly engages and establishes trust with its visitor - and then leads him, either indirectly or directly, towards a purchase - will never be short of work.

For Eager and Ambitious Copywriters, the Modern Day Version of the California Gold Rush is Taking Place Right Now

The Internet is fertile ground for copywriters who take the time to learn how to write and/or improve each page of a client’s website.

Top Web Copy Consultant to Microsoft, Yahoo to Train AWAI Members in Tampa

AWAI announced today that web copywriting expert Nick Usborne will be its featured presenter at the Web Copywriting Intensive, August 5-8, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.

3 Places to Locate Online Copywriting Clients

Online copywriting is a specialty that transcends niches. There are online copywriting opportunities in every niche imaginable.

The Direct-Response Industry Has Changed … Forever

Five years ago, people were reluctant to buy online. Now they prefer it.

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