October 2008

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The 10% Solution – Mastering the Lead

Michael Masterson takes a look at one of the most common lead types – the ’problem/solution” lead.

Top 10 Mailers in the Insurance Industry

Discover the names and websites of 10 top mailers in the insurance industry.

How to Prospect for Insurance Clients – Or Any Other Professional Services Clients

Copywriting Insider Editor, Heather Robson, explains how to make connections and land clients in the insurance industry – or any other professional services industry.

Industry Spotlight: Insurance Services

Find out about trends and statistics in the insurance industry.

How I Went From Layoff to Payoff – 3 Steps to Becoming the Copywriter You Really Want to Be

AWAI member Penny Thomas reveals how she became a successful freelance copywriter using a simple, 3-step system.

How to Write an Exciting Interview

AWAI Staff Writer, Guillermo Rubio, meets up with Michael Masterson in the neighborhood cigar bar and discovers exactly how to write a great interview.

Breaking News … AWAI Conference Director, Denise Ford, Pulls Off One of Her “Bootcamp Miracles” … in the Form of 25 More Open Spots

25 more spots have just been added, due to another “Bootcamp miracle” pulled off by AWAI’s Conference Director, Denise Ford.

Job Opportunities … Profit-Sharing Opportunity for Freelance Wealth-Building Copywriters

Freelance copywriters, share in the profits as part of Clever Profit Group’s team. They’re looking for several freelance copywriters to write for their Clever Boost wealth program.

A Blueprint for Landing the Highest-Paying Web Clients

Use this easy-to-follow outline for landing clients who have the biggest demand for web copy: SEO, PPC ads, websites and eletters.

10 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

It is possible to make good money from your blog. AWAI Staff Writer John Wood reveals 10 money-making strategies.

Top 10 Mailers in the Banking Industry

Discover the names and websites of 10 top mailers in the banking industry.

Banking? Now? Really?

Copywriting Insider Editor, Heather Robson, explains why now is a good time to land clients in the banking industry, despite economic uncertainty.

Industry Spotlight: Banking Services

Find out about trends and statistics in the banking services industry.

How to Clobber the Blank Page Blues

Carline Anglade-Cole, who writes multi-year controls in the alternative health field, reveals her secret for overcoming – and even preventing – writer’s block.

Special Announcement … AWAI Web Division Selects Winner of “Name Our New Web Service” Contest

Congratulations to Dave Marshall of Redondo Beach, CA, who submitted the winning title for AWAI’s brand-new web service, which offers tips and techniques for writing effective web copy, finding and working with clients, and making money online.

Job Opportunities … Fast-Growing Company With 150% Increase in Sales This Year Has Plenty of Freelance Work for B2B Copywriters

Fast-growing company needs B2B copywriters to join their team on a freelance basis.

What Does the Current Economic Crisis Mean to Your Future?

Learn how you can actually benefit from the current state of the economy!

10 Ways to Build a High-Quality, Opt-in Email List

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood, offers 10 ways to build a high-quality, opt-in email list for your client (and for yourself).

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