May 2009

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AWAI Members Are “Open for Business” With Their Money-Making Websites

Three AWAI members are the proud owners of money-making websites that are now “open for business” thanks, in large part, to what they’re learning from Nick Usborne’s Money-Making Websites program.

Job Opportunities … Wanted: Blockbuster Freelance Copywriters for Financial Newsletter Company

OmniSans Research is a financial research firm based in Charlottesville, PA. They are looking for a freelance copywriter who can develop strategic copy for a front-end monthly investment advisory.

Congratulations … Persistence Pays Off for Former Café Owner Michelle Burgess, the Latest Addition to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”

Life is good for former café owner Michelle Burgess, the latest freelance copywriter to be added to AWAI’s Wall of Fame.

AWAI Writing Challenge: Tell Us About Your Experience With Social-Networking Websites

Enter this week’s AWAI Writing Challenge by telling us about your experience with social-networking websites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. One winner will receive a $100 American Express gift card and have his or her essay published on the AWAI website.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: It’s Great to Be My Own Boss!

AWAI Member Tom Kavala tells about the exact moment he realized how thankful he was to have his own business and to be his own boss.

Is Copywriting the World’s Best Business?

John Forde takes a look at Richard Russell’s list of criteria for what makes an “ideal business” and analyzes how it shakes out from a copywriting perspective.

Drill Deeper Into Your Goals to Make Sure Your Success Plan Is on Track

Rebecca Matter gets you one step closer to truly achieving your web-writing goals.

Stick-to-it-ivity and the Tale of Two Brothers …

John Torre shares an example of what copywriters can learn from Walt Disney to be successful.

What a PR Agency Can Teach You About Writing Blogs

Robert Nomura shares his personal tips from working at a PR agency and how they can help keep a blog from turning stale.

Home Run Lessons From the Web Marketing Dugout

Sid Smith shares three things he learned from internet marketing gurus that you can apply to your own information business or to work with clients.

Obsessions or Passions: Which to Go for?

Ann Jordan-Mills explains her personal approach to preparing for any piece of writing as well as much of her personal decision making.

So Your Site Is Up – Now What?

Isabel Viana provides three things you can do to boost your online traffic.

“Peer Review” Your Life

When you think of it, a peer review is a good model for life...

How to Obtain Success This Summer By Properly Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Rebecca Matter shares a plan that’s designed to ensure you succeed at achieving your goals this summer.

Should Your B2B Copy Be Long Or Short?

Steve Slaunwhite explains the specific questions you can ask that will help you determine how long your B2B copy needs to be, whether you’re tasked with writing a brochure, web page, white paper, or advertisement.

4 Tips to Beat Analysis Paralysis

Struggling with taking action on becoming a copywriter? These 4 tips can help...

Congratulations … Information Marketer Is the Latest Addition to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”

Congratulations to Mike Ervin, a patent writer and information marketer who is the latest addition to AWAI’s Wall of Fame.

Marketing With Video Online Can Spell Big Opportunity for You

Whether you own an online business, or work as a web writer for clients, you can’t get around it … marketing with video online can spell big opportunity for you.

An Easy Way To Promote Yourself Online

Bob Bly says it’s “one of the easiest self-promotions you can do”.

Social Media Marketing: Proven or Unproven Method?

Robert Nomura discusses his thoughts on social media marketing and includes a helpful checklist to help you establish a good social media marketing foundation.

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