May 2009

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5 Things You Should Be Doing On Twitter

Sid Smith shares five things he discovered you should be doing on Twitter to keep up with top copywriters and internet marketers.

In Search of the Magic Bullet

Ann Jordan-Mills answers a new copywriter’s burning question about how to accelerate the AWAI Copywriting Program and launch his copywriting career this week.

Launch Your Online Information Business

Isabel Viana shares an opportunity for copywriters to make extra money.

Social Proof … Springsteen … and the Men’s Room

John Torre takes a little detour in this week’s blog to talk about something that is coming of age in the marketing world.

10 Stupid Things Catalog Marketers Do to Mess Up Their Websites

Heather Lloyd-Martin explains how catalog marketers are still super hot as potential clients and offers a lesson in what not to do when writing SEO copy for a catalog marketer.

If There’s One Area of Web Writing Everyone Should Learn, It’s SEO Copywriting

Rebecca Matter details the one area of web writing that everyone should learn – SEO copywriting (Search Engine Optimization).

The Deepest Human Desire – Dale Carnegie’s “Copywriting Secret”

AWAI Staff Writer Guillermo Rubio adapts four of Dale Carnegie’s strategies from “How to Win Friends & Influence People” to writing copy.

Be a Hero to Your Clients … As a Desktop Marketer

Katie Yeakle introduces you to the perfect career, if you like wearing many hats.

Make Money Without Any Clients

Learn about the information publishing business, where you can hire yourself to create and sell your own products about any topic you’re passionate about.

There May Never Be a Better Time to Start Your Own Resume-Writing “Calling”

You can become a successful resume writer simply by following the right proven program.

There’s No Better Spare-Time Income Opportunity Than Writing a Money-Making Website

Rebecca Matter explains why there’s no better spare-time income opportunity than writing a money-making website.

Announcing … The “It’s Your Summer of Money” Challenge

You choose the money-making opportunity that interests you most – and we’ll do everything we can to help you get “dollars in the door” by Labor Day.

"I'll Never Write That Well!"

Think you can't write like the top pros? Think again...

Copywriting Has Opened the Door of Opportunity for Me

AWAI Member Lorraine Hunte explains how copywriting has opened the door of opportunity for her. Not just any door – it opened the front door to her dream home.

Job Opportunities … Freelance Copywriting “Dream Job” With Alternative Health Giant is looking for a freelance direct-response copywriter to become a part of their creative team.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: The Last 15 Minutes of Your Work Day Can Boost Tomorrow’s Productivity By 50%

AWAI Member Shirley Martin explains how doing one simple action at the end of every day can get your productivity on track and keep it there.

AWAI Writing Challenge: Tell Us the Exact Moment You Thought, “It’s Great to Be My Own Boss!”

Enter this week’s AWAI Writing Challenge by telling us about the exact moment you thought, “It’s great to be my own boss!” One winner will receive a gift certificate and have his or her essay published on the AWAI website.

Follow the Money If You Want the Lifestyle

Sid Smith shares his advice for freelance copywriters in search of writing gigs.

Copywriters – Let’s Get Going!

Ann Jordan-Mills gets inspired by Joshua Boswell’s Monday Morning Jumpstart and shares how you can take action with your copywriting career today!

Put Joy in Your Heart and Cash in Your Wallet

Isabel Viana provides three steps for you to reach the kind of copywriting success that nourishes your hear and your wallet.

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