June 2009

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The Loop: Filling Your Calendar With Work, Part 4

Successful spare-time-business owner Tom Kavala shares five steps to overcoming your prospective client’s objections.

Get Clients to Come to You … Without Ever Leaving Your House Or Making a Single Phone Call

Social networking is an effective way to find new clients for your freelance business – without leaving your house or making a single phone call.

A Simple, 103-Year-Old Strategy That Will Boost Your Income and Enhance Your Client’s Image

Learn about the many money-making opportunities in the world of public relations, including the art of writing an effective press release.

Job Opportunities … Join Busy, In-House Design Department of B2B Company in Los Angeles

Media and trade-show company in Los Angeles has an immediate need for a full-time graphic designer. In this position, you’ll conceptualize and produce promotional material for B2B publications and web products.

The Power of Giving

Open to receive your free mint.

Become an Indispensable Resource for Your Clients

Web writer Sid Smith shares his three-step system for getting past the role of “just a copywriter” and becoming an indispensable resource for your clients.

Questions You Need to Ask Every Prospect in Order to Land More of the Copywriting Projects You Quote

Ed Gandia offers up a list of questions for you to ask prospective clients – as well as the answers that should send up a red flag – so that you don’t waste your time on projects that might go nowhere.

The Loop: Filling Your Calendar With Work, Part 3

Successful spare-time-business owner Tom Kavala shares five actions steps you must take in order for your business to succeed.

Why Being Ultra-Specific in Your Copy Can Sometimes Be a Bad Thing

Guillermo Rubio explains how, if you’re not careful, there are times when specificity in your copy can get you into trouble with the law. Learn how to keep yourself – and your clients – off the “legal radar.”

Congratulations … AWAI Announces Winner of “New Hopes, New Goals, New Life” Video Contest

Steve Roller tells how he was able to walk away from his 60-hour-a-week job and start his new life as a freelance copywriter and resume writer.

Job Opportunities … Write a Persuasive Sales Letter About President Ronald Reagan

Write a persuasive sales letter about President Ronald Reagan to help raise funds by promoting the sale of Reagan Bronze Inc.’s bronze castings of the 40th President.

3 Key Steps in Choosing a Profitable Niche Topic for Your Own Money-Making Website

Choosing the right niche for a money-making website is just as important as picking your copywriting niche – if not more so. Nick Usborne shows you how to make sure you choose the right one.

Best Practices for Working With Clients to Ensure You Get Future Projects

Rebecca Matter shares some best practices you should follow when working with clients, to ensure they call you with their next project.

How to Produce Winning Ideas

James Webb Young believed the method your mind uses to produce ideas is similar to the method Henry Ford used to produce cars.

The Loop: Filling Your Calendar With Work, Part 2

Successful spare-time-business owner Tom Kavala shares five actions steps you must take in order for your business to succeed.

“Where Do I Start!?” – How to Beat Analysis Paralysis

AWAI Staff Writer Guillermo Rubio explains what to do when you feel like you’re in a state of “analysis paralysis.”

A BIG Lesson From The Copy Immersion Workshop

The worst copy mistake I've ever made, and how you can learn from it to write stronger, more persuasive copy.

Creating Your Own “Life-Altering Experience”

Newly working copywriter Kris Obertas tells of his “life-altering experience” getting hands-on training and coaching from master teachers and copywriters at AWAI’s Copywriting Immersion Workshop.

Congratulations … Winner Announced in the “Great AWAI Blog-Off” Competition

Congratulations to John Torre, the new blogger for AWAI’s Web Division.

Congratulations … Former “Retiree” Starts New Career As Full-Time Copywriter and Is the Latest Addition to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”

Congratulations to Shelby Beckett, the latest addition to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame.”

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