July 2009

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AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: The Best Advice I Ever Received

AWAI member Robert Baker shares simple, but powerful advice he learned from an iconic National Geographic photographer.

Get a Grip on Who You're Talking To!

Learn the most common and critical point most online copywriters fail to address when starting their marketing strategy and what you can do to improve it.

Using the Lazy Web Surfer to Tackle a Complicated Multi-Page Website

Sid Smith shows you the very best way to tackle a complicated multi-page website without losing your sanity.

22 Laws of Marketing, Part 2

Ries and Trout's Immutable Laws of Marketing 12 through 22.

How to Make Time When You Don’t Have Any

Tom Kavala shares the biggest obstacle to spare-time business success and the steps you need to take to overcome it.

Build Your Sales Argument In a Simple, Straight Line

Most readers won't read your entire web page. Most will bail well before the end. Here are three guidelines that will significantly increase the number of people who finish reading to the end.

Ask Matt Turner … Just How “Loudly” Can You Use Prestigious Names Like Harvard in Your Copy?

AWAI legal expert Matt Turner answers a question about how “loudly” you can use prestigious names like Harvard in your copy.

It’s Time to Get to Know Each Other!

Blog contest winner, John Torre reaches out to his readers to find out what web writing topics they are interested in learning more about.

Job Opportunities … Earn Up to $10,000 a Month With This Freelance Web Marketing Opportunity

If you’re experienced with Internet marketing, SEO, and social media, MyWellofWealth.com needs you to generate traffic to their 4-month-old website.

Smashing Down Roadblocks to SEO Success

Discover the questions that have become roadblocks by web writers in the SEO business, and receive the answers from SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin.

22 Laws of Marketing

Violate these laws and you run the risk of failure.

The Loop: Filling Your Calendar With Work, Part 5

Successful spare-time-business owner Tom Kavala explains why it’s not enough just to get a potential client on the line and overcome all of his objections. You still need to close the deal.

Use Walt Disney’s “$37 Billion Secret” to Write Stronger Copy and Create Loyal Clients

Walt Disney’s “Plus It!” strategy is something you can use in your own copywriting career to write stronger copy and, in the process, create loyal clients who give you one project after another.

Announcing … Industry Legend Herschell Gordon Lewis to Kick Off Bootcamp 2009

Industry legend Herschell Gordon Lewis, one of the most entertaining and instructive speakers you’ll ever see, will be kicking off Bootcamp this year.

Free iTunes Podcast on Making Money Online

Web guru Nick Usborne walks you through the first and most important step to making money on the web – picking the niche that makes the most sense for you.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: How I’m Carving Out a Career From My Passion for Office Supplies

AWAI Member Tiiu Kai Garrett tells about something she’s passionate about … her home office and everything in it!

Job Opportunities … Full-Time Junior Copywriting Position With Rue La La in Boston

If you love fashion, style, and writing compelling copy, this innovative online retailer in Boston needs you.

How to Build Buzz for Your Services Without Spending a Dime

By using public relations in key media venues, you can promote your services and expertise fast – without paying for advertising. But even better than the free advertising is the third-party credibility that comes along with it.

Make Your Best Offer

14 tips on how to construct a successful offer.

6 Secrets to Facebook Success for Freelancers

Web Copywriter, Henry Bingaman shows you how you can use Facebook.com to successfully get clients for your freelance copywriting career.

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