March 2010

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Which of These Success Factors Do You Already Have?

Roy Furr provides a list of exact Success Factors shared by top performers in all fields that you can practice to shape your destiny.

Free VIP Access Into AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive March 8 – 11

Even if you couldn’t attend the 2010 Web Copy Intensive in Las Vegas, you can still receive live updates that include, tips, tricks and techniques from all the pros.

A Big Untruth About Freelancers Needs Correcting

There is an untruth about freelancers I learned this past year that could have an impact on your own freelance success.

Congratulations to Karen Amidon

AWAI congratulates Karen Amidon, the latest AWAI member to land a client from the 2009 Job Fair.

One Of My Favorite (High-Paying) Web-Writing Projects

Roy Furr gives you all the details on a web writing project that’s easy to land and lets you charge your client a higher fee.

Are You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Freelance Business?

The majority of freelancers spend their entire careers in the passenger seat of their freelance business. Nick Usborne shows you how to take control and claim your rightful place at the driver’s seat.

Is the Law of Attraction the Secret of Success?

Roy Furr discusses how to apply the law of attraction to your life and reveals his secret behind how he applied it to his.

“Whoa There, Big Boy, That’s a Lot of Money”

Dan Kennedy explains how to set the expectations for clients to expect and accept high fees. You, too, can learn how to make maximum money, gain respect and find enjoyment as a professional copywriter.

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