April 2011

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Using Words to Create a Richer Life

Steve Roller discusses overcoming fears to get started in your copywriting career, the importance of setting goals, and how to experience glicken.

Site Audit Opportunities – Get Paid Twice to Help Clients Overcome Marketing Challenges in the Upcoming Digital Explosion [video]

Web Content Writing expert Pam Foster shows you how you can leverage your knowledge of digital media to help customers overcome marketing challenges – and even get paid twice.

A Life of Intrigue and Wealth

Steve Roller shares three things every copywriter should do to be successful and the best place to start if you want to be a writer.

Learn Why the B2B Market has Got “Boing!” [video]

Renowned B2B Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite discusses the B2B copywriting market, shares why it has ‘boing!’, and how you can take advantage of it.

Announcing … AWAI’s Start Your Own Resume Business Giveaway!

AWAI is giving you the chance to win one of our comprehensive programs – the Pro Resume Writer’s Program – so that you can start your resume business today!

Secrets, Half-Truths, and Full Confessions

Steve Roller shares his journey to becoming a professional copywriter - and how you can be successful too.

True Confessions of an Unorthodox Copywriter - The good, the bad and the beautiful

Steve Roller shares how he has found success as a copywriter, even if a little unconventionally, and how you can too.

Want More Clients? Harness the Pebble Effect

Will Newman shares how developing solid relationships with potential clients will help you to gain even more.

Free Teleconference: Copywriting 2.0 with Nick Usborne

Join web copy expert Nick Usborne for a free 1 hour teleconference on writing opportunities for the web…and what it takes to become an online copywriter.

Email and Autoresponder Trends: How to Maximize Your Copywriting Efforts (and Income Level) [video]

Autoresponder expert Jay White shares the latest trends in email marketing and how you can maximize your copywriting efforts and income level.


Rebecca Matter explains that there are many benefits that come with knowing how to write persuasively, beyond the revenue you receive from working with other people - it's called Glicken.

Learn Why 2010 Was Such a Big Year for SEO Copywriters and Why 2011 is Going to Be Even Better [video]

SEO Copywriting pioneer Heather Lloyd-Martin addresses the SEO Copywriting State of the Industry and opportunities you can expect for 2011 and beyond.

Why Online Copywriting is the #1 Opportunity for Freelancers Today [video]

Copywriting expert Nick Usborne shows you why online copywriting is the #1 opportunity for freelancers today… and will be for years to come.

Getting Other People to Promote You

Rebecca Matter shares the next step in the self-promotion stage - haivng other people who know your work sell you.

Writing Your Self-Promotion Letter

Rebecca Matter shares how a self-promotion letter will help you engage with potential clients so that you can land even more.

Hottest Opportunities in B2B Web Writing

Steve Slaunwhite reveals where the money is being spent online in the B2B market, so that you’ll have a leg up when pitching potential clients.

Build Your Own Freelance Website … And Be Open for Business in just 4 Days!

Rebecca Matter announces that she’s bringing back the popular webinar series on how to build your own freelance website in only four days.

15 Tips for Getting Client Referrals to Grow Your Freelance Business

John Wood shares how you can grow your freelance business with client referrals by using these 15 tips.

Tell Me Your Elevator Speech

Hearing the question, "so what is it that you do," can be a big opportunity for freelancers. Learn how to answer it in a way that betters your chances of landing potential clients.

Modesty is NOT a Virtue

Tackle one of the biggest challenges all new writers face once they decide to REALLY take action towards living the writer's life: selling themselves.

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