April 2011

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How to Find Your Niche in the B2B Market

Steve Slaunwhite reveals a step-by-step check list on how to find a niche market in the B2B sector that is just right for you.

It's All About You

John Wood proves that people only care about themselves and how you can use this to your advantage in your copy.

17 Ways to Get Inside Your Client’s Mind So You’ll Always Hit Your Target Audience

Learn how to hit your target audience every time with these 17 tips from John Wood on getting inside your client’s mind.

7 Reasons for NOT Setting Goals

John Wood explains why people don't set goals, why you shouldn't be one of them, and how to start setting your own goals.

Five Ways the Rules of Improv Apply to Web Writing

Megan Tyson reveals how the basic fundamentals of improv apply to web writing. And, when you use them, your web writing business will be stronger for it.

How to be Great ... Working Hard Isn't Always the Best Solution

John Wood shares how sometimes, taking time to rejuvinate can actually make you a better freelancer than just working hard.

You've Got Something Better Than Money in the 'Bank' ...

John Wood discusses why wasting our time is the same as wasting money and how to avoid the common pitfalls of distraction.

Too Many Distractions? Use These Eleven Tips to Help You Focus ...

John Wood shares eleven tips to help you avoid distractions and stay focused on your freelance work.

FREE Teleconference: Writing for the Business-to-Business Market

Join Steve Slaunwhite for a 1 hour teleconference where you’ll learn everything you need to know to break into and make it in the b2b copywriting market.

Chicken Soup for the Copywriter’s Soul: the Power of the Inspirational Human Interest Story

Dan Kennedy shares how a human interest story added into your copy can be a powerful inspiration element for readers.

Will Your Reader Doubt You?

John Wood shares how to create trust with your reader, leaving them no room to doubt your copy.

Your 4-Part Success Springboard

Katie Yeakle reveals her four very best pieces of advice for living a life of freedom and independence as a well-paid, in-demand copywriter.

PWA Writing Challenge Winner: One Former Afghanistan War Combat Veteran's Story About How Writing Copy Forces Him to Come Face-to-Face With His Worst Enemy …

Professional Writers' Alliance member and Afghanistan War Combat Veteran Lee Smith shares a story about coming face-to-face with his worst enemy.

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