June 2011

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Free Teleclass: How to Profit from Social Media

Social media is where the money is flowing, and where the future lies. Join Nick Usborne for a free tele-class and learn how to make money as a social media expert.

Your Rich and Rewarding Future

Sid Smith shares the last leg of the hero's journey - and tips on how to continue to market your business while handling your current projects.

Strategies for Getting Your First Client

Sid Smith shares strategies that can help you land your first client - and continue to land new ones - for your freelance business.

What If Your Computer Got Stolen Today?

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares how to better prepare yourself and your business from a digital meltdown.

How to Keep Your Freelance Writing Funnel Full

Sid Smith shares how to keep your client list growing so that your freelance business stays busy.

Seeking the Golden Client

Sid Smith discusses one challenge of the freelancer's career - getting clients - and how to overcome some common obstacles.

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