September 2011

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Reap What You Sow: How to Increase Your Harvest of New Clients

Steve Roller shares how freelancers can increase the amount of new clients they have by looking at their marketing techniques.

How to Succeed Faster by Taking the Day Off

Christina Gillick shares how spending a day away from work can help your freelance business - and you - do better.

Copycatting Is a Good Thing

Brian Edmondson shares why following the path that successful copywriters before you have laid out is a much easier, faster, and less risky way to build a growing, profitable business.

AWAI Announces: Dan Kennedy’s Writing for Info Marketers Training and Certification Program

AWAI is excited to announce million-dollar copywriter Dan Kennedy’s comprehensive new program to prepare writers and copywriters specifically to work within the information marketing industry.

He Told Me I Was Afraid of Success

Christina Gillick shares how surrounding yourself with successful people can help you become more successful.

6 Proven Ways To Stay Fired Up About Your Goals

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares six proven ways for you to stay fired up about your goals, as you transition to life as a successful freelancer.

Confession Time - Which Fear is Stopping You?

Christina Gillick shares how reading other freelancers' success stories can help motivate you into success.

How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Freelance Fears

Christina Gillick shares five common fears freelancer’s face and how to overcome them.

My Fridge Says Nice Things to Me

Christina Gillick shares how motivational quotes can help spur goal achievement.

Do You Believe You Can Succeed?

Christina Gillick shares how you can think yourself into success in your freelance career.

What Do You Need Most?

Dan Kennedy reveals the reason there is so much work for new copywriters – and how to take advantage of it.

Why You Need a Mentor

Jason Holland shows you how a mentor will accelerate your success with your online business.

How to Think Yourself into Success as a Copywriter

Christina Gillick shares how your success as a freelancer is directly related to how you think.

AWAI Announces The Barefoot Writer’s Club - Your Guide to the “Perfect Life”

AWAI announces their brand new club especially for direct response writers designed to showcase the plethora of opportunities that exist, offer tips, motivation, and specific ways to launch their careers – the fastest way possible.

Bringing It All Together

Sean McCool shares tips for ensuring working in groups works for your freelance business.

I Do Not Have Time for This!

Sean McCool shares why it makes sense to work in groups - even if you feel like you don't have time.

A Neat Trick for Fine-Tuning Website or Landing Page Copy and Design

Sid Smith shares a cool trick for fine-tuning your website or landing page copy that is sure to help the success of your copy and impress clients.

Some People Don't Like Ice Cream Either

Sean McCool shares how freelancers can overcome the fear of not working well in groups.

The Justice League for Freelance Success – Part Two

Sean McCool shares how working in groups and having a support system in place can help you avoid the six pitfalls of working alone for extended periods of time.

Nothing to Gain, Nothing to Offer

Sean McCool continues the discussion about working in groups by tackling a common myth - that you won't learn anything.

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