March 2012

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7 Pages Your Freelance Web-Writing Website Must Have

Christina Gillick describes the skeleton of all freelance copywriter's websites, and why these sections are so necessary to the growth of your business.

What It Takes To Be A Great Web Writer

Christina Gillick tells you some tricks to focus your web writing on your audience, and make your copy work.

Test Drive Wealthy Web Writer for a Buck!

Rebecca Matter announces a special test drive offer to become a Wealthy Web Writer member for only one dollar.

When You Absolutely, Need to Capture Your Prospect’s Attention

Will Newman explains the simple reason why your promise is so crucial to capturing your prospect’s attention.

You’d Be In High Demand as a Web Writer

Christina Gillick dives into the vast and ever-expanding world of web writing, and hits on all the different ways you can make money doing it.

Building Trust and Getting Hired

Kathryn Aragon tells you how to nurture relationships with your clients to help create long-term revenue.

Finding Buyers that Buy Part Two: Unlock the Core Buying Emotion

Joshua Boswell tells us how to tap into the customer's core buying emotion, and how it will help you sell your products.

Get Your First Long-Term Client Today

Creating content gives your freelance business professionalism through expertise. Kathryn Aragon gives tips and advice to create content that will bring in the clients.

30 Content Ideas You Can Create in One Week or Less

Step up your game! Kathryn Aragon has 30 different ideas to get you writing great materials that will market your copywriting business and project professionalism to attract clients.

Position Yourself as a Pro

Kathryn Aragon helps you write the perfect sales letter to pitch your freelance business.

10 Tools That Will Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

Kellie Craft shares 10 social media tools that will help you effectively manage your social media accounts, so you can do more in less time.

Increase Your Productivity by Following Your Own Personal Body Clock

Li Vasquez-Noone encourages you to follow your own personal body clock in order to be most productive.

“Hook” Your Ideal Clients

Kathryn Aragon explains the usefulness of prospecting clients using a "bait piece" to show them what you can do and how you can improve their marketing strategy.

How to Write a Bait Piece That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Getting clients is more than just telling them you're a good copywriter. It's showing them as well, and Kathryn Aragon has a great way to show your potential clients what you can do for them.

Are Your First Few Paragraphs Killing Response?

Don't hide your true intent. Will Newman shows you that putting your most important info first creates winning copy.

Look Like a Pro from Day One

Kathryn Aragon shows you how to start being a professional copywriter, with a presence that will demand higher paying clients.

Finding Buyers that Buy

Joshua Boswell helps keep your business running by expanding on a fairly obvious starting point: you need customers that will buy your product.

Ever Had This Ridiculous Problem?

Don't let petty issues dictate your happiness in life. Mindy Tyson McHorse shares an anecdote to help you realize you can change your life, for the better.

Believe in Yourself and Others Will Be Forced to Believe in You

Mindy Tyson McHorse gives you a kick in the rear to boost your confidence and realize you are your biggest fan.

I Can’t Believe He Said That!

Mindy Tyson McHorse reiterates, you don't have to be a certain way to live the writer's life. You just have to have the drive to overcome obstacles and criticisms and the desire to make a living writing.

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