March 2012

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For the Love of Goodness, Ask First!

No one knows everything they should. And making that realization is the first step to making a better freelance career. Mindy Tyson McHorse explains the power of asking.

23 Different Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Email Marketing Campaign

John Wood reveals how incorporating video into your email marketing campaigns can potentially boost your profits by another 50 percent.

Ask and You Shall Receive … Especially If You Do These 3 Things

Mindy Tyson McHorse reminds us, even with the independence of the writer's life, you still need help from time to time. And in our close knit community, your answers could be just an email or phone call away.

The Trouble with Fantasies…

Mindy Tyson McHorse clears away the blinders and is here to tell you how to further your freelance writing career, NOW.

A Success Lesson From CJ

In any endeavor you undertake, practice is the key. Will Newman shares some life experiences that highlight what you get out is equal to what you put in.

Live: The Barefoot Writer March Issue

Are you ready for your lucky break as a writer? If that’s the case, this month’s issue of The Barefoot Writer is exactly what you need.

How to Create Content That Makes You Look Like an Expert

Christina Gillick explains how to create content that shows your expertise, and subtly sells it as well.

Doing the Impossible

Joshua Boswell gives you the key to triple your income in as little as three months.

How to Find an Idea You’re Passionate About

Creating content is a major step in creating a profitable freelance career. In today's Writer's Life, Christina Gillick helps you find an idea that can help bring in the clients, and the checks.

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