July 2012

Why You Need a Swipe File

Sean McCool lauds the importance of building a swipe file, your shrine to the masters, to inspire your copywriting.

How to Attract Prospects to Your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is one thing, but Kendy Sproul has some great tips to actually get followers for your page.

Apprentice Yourself as a Copywriter

Don't label yourself as a newbie to copywriting. As Sean McCool explains, you are an apprentice.

Turning Your Clients into Ambassadors

Steve Roller helps you find the best referral of all, a satisfied client.

Your Job: Make Their Job Easier

Steve Roller highlights some often overlooked details in the client/copywriter relationship.

The Art of the Client Interview

That first client interview is a stress many people will never understand. Luck for you, Steve Roller has been there and has some great tips to make sure you ace it.