July 2012

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Four Tips for Reducing Financial Stress from your Freelance Business

Cindy Cyr demystifies your business's finances and makes keeping track of your finances an achievable goal.

Three Financial Management Tools that Make Managing Your Freelance Business Finances a Breeze

Cindy Cyr has some great programs to help make keeping your freelance business finances in order.

Reputation Counts

Brian E. Whitaker gets into one of the hardest parts of getting clients to overcome: your likability.

AWAI Across America: Destination — Yakima Valley, Washington

AWAI Across America's Christine Butler and husband Jim continue their cross country copywriting trip with a stop this week in Yakima Valley, Washington on their way to their next meet up.

Are You Paying More Taxes Than You Need To?

Cindy Cyr helps you understand some different aspects of taxes as a freelance copywriter and where you can save some money.

3 Things Experienced Copywriters Do...But You Shouldn't

Clayton Makepeace has 3 key "do as I say, not as I do" pieces of information to help your budding freelance copywriting career.

Your Key to Unlimited Success

Rich Schefren distills some of his business building wisdom to help freelance writers achieve the writer’s life.

A Shortage in Copywriting Clients?

Christina Gillick distills four major shifts in the copywriting industry told to her by Bob Bly at last year's Bootcamp.

The Problem with Many Successful Copywriters I Know…

Mark Ford explains why having a high income is just a small part of being wealthy.

How to Eliminate Your Barriers

Christina Gillick relives the story of how Nick Usborne helped break down her barriers to achieve great success in her copywriting carrier.

3 Things Copywriters Need to Succeed

Christina Gillick provides three necessities of copywriting as told by Joe Sugarman, a master copywriter and legend in the industry.

Create Your Own Insta-Marketing Strategy With Instagram

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares the value of adding Instagram to your social media repertoire.

Why "Hypey" Copy Doesn't Work

Christina Gillick has the secret to reach 85% of the buying market.

Sneak Peek of Companies Attending AWAI’s 2012 Job Fair

Even though AWAI’s Job Fair is still 3 months away, we thought we’d pull back the curtain and reveal some of the companies coming to Job Fair this year.

The Story No One is Telling

Christina Gillick shares a great brainstorming idea she learned at the AWAI Bootcamp.

Honey Attracts Bees, and ... Attracts Clients?

Brian E. Whitaker is finding the ups in the writer's life, after a week of experiencing the downs.

Special Announcement… Test Drive Wealthy Web Writer for a Buck!

Take part in a special test drive offer to become a Wealthy Web Writer member for only one dollar.

My Favorite Time of Year

Christina Gillick is excited about the 2012 Bootcamp in October, and is here to tell you why you should be too.

Over 50 Years of Copywriting Experience

A true master of words, Herschell Gordon Lewis takes over the Golden Thread this week to give some great vocabulary lessons for copywriters.

6 Success Strategies I Learned at Bootcamp 2011

Christina Gillick remembers 6 of the stand out strategies that she learned at last year's Bootcamp.

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