October 2012

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How Trading Angst and Loathing for Fear Helped Motivate Circle of Success Member Doug Denny to Reach Full-Time Freelance Copywriting Success

Doug Denny has reached his freelance copywriting goals by harnessing the power of fear, and a little help from AWAI's Circle of Success.

Join the New Generation (At Any Age)

Steve Roller extols the benefits of being open to new ideas and how they can improve your copywriting career.

Three Ways to Keep Yourself Accountable

Christina Gillick has several tips to help keep you on track in your freelancing career.

AWAI Skills Trickle Down

Steve Roller is here to tell you about some unique dividends from AWAI and the resources it offers that will continue to pour in for years to come.

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Do you dream of the writer's life? Steve Roller did. Read on to find out how he made it a reality.

On Hemingway, Inspiration, and Acting on Big Ideas

Steve Roller discusses inspiration, and how you can find it to help push your copywriting.

Big Ideas … and How to Get One

For all the great tips and tricks that can make an ad look slick, John Forde explains why you'll fail if you don't have a "Big Idea" behind whatever you're writing.

Breakfast With the Lori's

Hob-nobbing with industry experts is just one of the many great perks associated with AWAI's Bootcamp. Mindy McHorse talks about how easy it is to talk with these experts.

Hard or Easy?

Brian Whitaker experiments with self-talk and discusses discovering your fundamental truths.

Katy Perry at Bootcamp!

Mindy McHorse breaks down the first day of Bootcamp, the excitement of the attendees and the amazing speakers kicking off the event.

You Versus the Marketer: Who’s in Charge?

Mindy McHorse gives you the confidence to stand by your copywriting decisions.

The Simplest, Most Important Skill for Writers

Mindy McHorse has advice that can help you become not just a great copywriter, but a great overall writer.

Write Better with 4 Tips from Bestselling Author Alex Green

Mindy McHorse gives you some solid advice from bestselling author Alex Green to help you further your copywriting career.

Live Events: 7 Tips for Leaving with a Pocketful of Prospects

Kellie Craft gives some tips and tricks for getting clients at live events.

Where to Find Writer Friends

Mindy McHorse provides some great techniques for meeting and networking at the AWAI Bootcamp.

AWAI Across America Destination – Salt Lake City, Utah

Christine Butler recently held a Salt Lake City Meetup, where AWAI members boosted each other's confidence and even found some clients.

Fast-Track Your Writing Career This Week

With Bootcamp starting up, Mindy McHorse is here to help you get your copywriting spark plug firing.

Why I Won’t Be At Bootcamp This Year …

Starr Daubenmire is living proof of how Bootcamp can transform your career. Read on to find out how.

Why Copywriting Is Not a Career

Will Newman opens up and talks about how copywriting can move from a career into a way of life.

Shedding Non-Essentials When Things Go Wrong

Brian Whitaker reflects on letting go when a client situation hits an obstacle, and discovering what’s worthwhile.

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