November 2012

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Massive Action Yields Big Results for AWAI Member

Rebecca Matter is excited to brag on behalf of Lane Sennett, just the latest AWAI member to land a big-time career boost.

3 Surprising Myths about B2B Writing

Pam Foster debunks three common myths of B2B copywriting.

Your B2B Client Wants You to Write What?

Don't say no to that new project just yet. Pam Foster is here to help you pick up new copywriting skills on the fly.

Your Smartest Career Move

Pam Foster explains how to carve out your chunk of the B2B market, and reap the rewards.

10 Reasons Nonprofits Want to Hire Web Writers

Mindy McHorse lists 10 reasons nonprofits jump at the opportunity to hire web writers, including which web-writing skill benefits you most in each situation.

Your Smartest Career Move in B2B Copywriting

Pam Foster explains just a few of the many reasons why combining a B2B focus with a specific niche for your copywriting can mean lots of clients and big bucks.

From Freelancer to Valued Consultant

Pam Foster helps you go from freelance copywriter to trusted consultant and ally.

Great News LIVE From the B2B Copywriting Trenches

If you’re currently a B2B copywriter … or you’re thinking about it … consider these recent findings Pam Foster reports on to be a big, trumpeting wake-up call of opportunity for you!

An Easy Way to Double Your Pay For One Letter

Will Newman shares and exciting new way to earn double the money for one letter.

Finding What Works for You

Brian Whitaker talks about breaking logjams to get back on the productive track.

Here's to Big, Scary Steps!

Christina Gillick provides you with four things you can do right now that will make you feel like a writer.

A True Barefoot Copywriter in Paradise

Shern Darcheville is a true AWAI success story. Read on to find out just how great being a freelance copywriter can be.

How to Build a Power Network

Christina Gillick is making a point to connect and interact with others more. Read on to find out how.

How to Create and Maintain a Power Network in Just Minutes Per Day

Christina Gillick explains how you can quickly grow a power network by consistently following a few simple steps.

"Writing is Mostly a Mind Game"

Christina Gillick has found some great advice to help remind yourself that you're a writer.

The Blog Content Strategy That Makes Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas a Breeze...Part Two of Two

John Wood gives you some ideas on how you can quickly and easily come up with fresh topic ideas so you’ll always have an abundance ready for your blog.


Brian Whitaker reflects on past ups and downs, and what he has to be thankful for now as a copywriter.

Fast Risk or Slow Growth?

What is your dream for your business? Christina Gillick discusses how the answer to this question is important in how successful you feel in your freelance copywriting career.

Four Life-Changing Lessons from “The Reluctant Entrepreneur”

Christina Gillick gives you some choice tips from Michael Masterson's new book, The Reluctant Entrepreneur.

The Problem of Too Many Goals

Christina Gillick has learned how to get better focus in her freelance career, and explains how you can recharge your own copywriting career.

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