January 2013

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The Foundation is in Place - Now What?

Guillermo Rubio gives you a great piece of advice to attract more clients then you can handle.

Will You Marry Me?

Guillermo Rubio helps you create the three things you’ll need in place before you can effectively market and promote yourself.

3 Ways You Can Land a Client Using Social Media

Social media is one of the best and easiest ways to research potential clients. Jen Phillips April helps you learn to harness the client grabbing power of social media.

You'll Have To Kiss a Few Frogs

Guillermo Rubio provides some insight into figuring out which clients to go after.

The Break that Broke Me

Brian Whitaker answers an AWAI member question about knowing when it’s time to leave your job to pursue the writer’s life.

The Hits Keep Coming for Joe Lilli

Rebecca Matter updates us on Joe Lilli, who last October had landed his dream client and since then has found even more success!

Getting to Know Your Best Friend in Copywriting - Part 1

Will Newman takes a look at gaining an intimate understanding of your prospect.

A Quick Question

To have a successful business, you need clients. Guillermo Rubio explains the basics of getting clients.

Free Teleconference with Clayton Makepeace, the World’s Highest-Paid Copywriter

Katie Yeakle has arranged for you to have access to an urgent, one-hour briefing with Clayton Makepeace to help you turn Video Sales Landing pages into money in the bank! The call is free … and it’s exclusively for you as an AWAI member.

Quality of Life Fast-Becoming a Major Factor in Career Choice

Home-based careers like copywriting, with less-stress and financial rewards, offer ideal work-life balance for many.

No Pain, No Gain!

Pain is a part of growth, and Bob Sands has some words of advice for dealing with your freelance "growing pains".

When Bad Things Happen to Good Days

Juggling your writing in the midst of a personal or family crisis is difficult at best. Bob Sands has some suggestions for getting back on the productivity track when "life happens."

Just Launched! The First Ever Program to Help B2B Copywriters Market Themselves

The $6.5 trillion B2B industry is huge and growing. Copywriters are always in high-demand. And with this program you’ll be able to tap into that very profitable market. Read on to learn more.

Less Is More...

Finding what is helping and what is hurting your freelance business is something every copywriter would love to know. Bob Sands has some advice for figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Marketing Basics: Generating Repeat Business and Referrals

Christina Gillick is here with five ways to get more repeat business and referrals than you know what to do with.

If You Can Talk, You Can Write

Bob Sands learns the secrets of dictation, and tells you how they can help improve your copywriting.

2013 Web Copy Intensive Austin Officially Sold Out!

The 2013 Web Copy Intensive that will take place in Austin, Texas is officially sold out. Find out how you can be added to the waiting list.

Prospecting Is So Yesterday!

Bob Sands tells you how to get clients while avoiding the dreaded "cold calls".

Where Am I?

Found yourself a little lost on your way to the writer's life? Bob Sands is here to get you back on track.

When Your Demons of Disorganization Start to Win...

Will Newman takes a look at how vital being organized is for you as a copywriter … and when you’re learning the secrets of writing direct mail.

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