May 2013

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The Final Checkpoint to Breaking Barriers

Steve Roller helps you keep up with the ever-evolving copywriting world.

How to Get Your Copy to a B+ or A- Faster

Steve Roller addresses an underlying fear that permeates almost every writer in some way. "Am I good enough?"

Free Teleconference with SEO Copywriting Pioneer, Heather Lloyd Martin

Read on to learn how to listen to a free teleconference with SEO copywriting pioneer Heather Lloyd Martin and learn about the newest trends in the SEO world.

The Success Secret Writers Can Learn from Attorneys

Steve Roller provides a partial solution to the problem many writers face: How do I achieve big fees?

10 Essential Elements of Online Copy: Part 1

In this two-part series, Heather Robson shares 10 essential elements you should always consider no matter what kind of online piece you’re writing.

Find an "Admiral's Club" for Copywriters

Steve Roller provides a great shortcut to feeling like an expert copywriter.

AWAI Welcomes Jen Adams to the Team

AWAI is excited to announce the hiring of our new in-house copywriter, Jen Adams, a 10-year AWAI member and full-time professional copywriter.

Give Yourself a First Class Upgrade

Steve Roller lays out a path to go from novice to expert in the copywriting world.

How to Turn the Book You've Never Written into Gold...

Will Newman shows you how to become a published author quicker than you thought possible.

The Best (and Fastest) Way to Get Your “Stuck” Copy Career Moving

Learn how to kick your copywriting career in gear on this free teleconference. Katie Yeakle gives you the details here.

Live: The Barefoot Writer May Issue

This month's Barefoot Writer has tips and tricks for landing higher fees, getting more clients, and some fun stories about taking advantage of the writer's life. Read on to learn more!

Your One-Hour Work Week

Mindy McHorse keeps your e-book income rolling with a long-term plan for publishing success.

What NOT to do When You Write an E-Book

Now that you have the content of your e-book ready, Mindy McHorse wants you to stay in your comfort zone and helps you find appropriate freelancers to package it.

Help from Bob Bly on the Next Big Thing for Writers

Katie Yeakle lets you in on how to make it big in a hot new industry with some help from Bob Bly.

Do You Have this Secret Fear?

Now that you've gotten your e-book written, Mindy McHorse is ready to help you get the word out and start selling your book.

Setting Boundaries is a Crucial Step to Succeeding as a Writer

Mandy Marksteiner provides some great examples of where boundaries can help avoid catastrophe in a freelance career.

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