July 2013

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Freelance Copywriters: 4 Traits that Will Set You Apart

Some writers find success while others seem to get left behind. Here are 4 character traits that freelance copywriters need to get ahead in their copywriting business.

What Is Good Writing? Find Out & You’ll Become a “Really” Good Writer

Ever wonder what is good writing? Who decides what’s good and what isn’t? Learn how to become a better writer with Mark Ford's tips...

Back for One Week ONLY! Clayton Makepeace’s Quick-Start Copywriting System

For one week only, you can order Clayton Makepeace's Quick-Start Copywriting System. Previously unavailable, this amazing resource is only being offered through AWAI for limited time. Read on to learn the details.

The Fast Track to Online Copywriting Success

Nick Usborne tells you how you can jump in to online marketing while learning the ropes, and still create a successful freelance business.

A Chance to Win Back Your Bootcamp Registration Fee

Bootcamp registrants will have the opportunity to earn back their registration fee and a chance to walk away from the event with money in their pocket –by participating in AWAI’s Spec Challenge.

How to Find an Online Copywriting Niche that's Right for You

How can you choose a niche for your business? Nick Usborne gives you three and a half ways.

AWAI Member Turns Love of Writing into a New Career [video]

AWAI Member Christina Young offers her best advice to writers considering a career in online copywriting, including how to pick a niche.

A Host of Opportunities for Every Kind of Writer

The web lets you explore an array of copywriting opportunities. Nick Usborne iflls you in on some of the options an online copywriter can choose from.

The 3 P’s of Successful Networking

Michele Peterson shares her own Three P’s of Successful Networking to help make getting clients more comfortable.

AWAI Member Finds the Perfect Work/Life Balance

The writer’s life doesn’t have to mean embracing a freelance career 100%. Many successful writers are actually part-time, like AWAI member Michelle Durham.

Why the Opportunity for Online Copywriters is Bigger than Ever

Nick Usborne explains why an online copywriter's work is never done.

Veteran Copywriter Reveals Secret to Happiness as a Freelancer [video]

In this video interview, Heather Robson shares the key to an emotionally and financially satisfying writer’s life.

Launching a New Freelance Business

Nick Usborne tells you about how he is launching a new freelance business right now, and why it's never been a better time to get into online copywriting.

Please Join Me in an Exclusive Alliance

Vital parts of success develop more quickly when you’re part of a larger group – an alliance dedicated to your success. Will Newman tells you about just such a group to help your copywriting career.

Membership is Open! Join AWAI’s Professional Writer’s Alliance

Membership in AWAI's Professional Writer's Alliance is open, and offering great discounts and bonuses. Read on to learn more.

Live: The Barefoot Writer July Issue

This month's Barefoot Writer has seasoned advice from writers who’ve already sought (and earned) their own lifestyle freedom.

Web Copy Expert Nick Usborne Explains How to Maximize Your Web Writing Profits [video]

Nick Usborne goes over the many types of web copy, from sales pages to newsletters to emails and explains how you can multiply your fee five to 10 times … from just one client.

The Last Hurdle

Christina Gillick overcomes one last hurdle to getting started: choosing a path.

Retired With Bonus Income and a Sense of Purpose

Marianne Foscarini shares how she utilized AWAI programs to make her writer’s life dream a reality.

You Don't Have to be Perfect

Christina Gillick reevaluates what it takes to get your freelance business started.

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