March 2014

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Write Your Own Success Story and Live the Writer's Life Sooner

Learn Christy Goldfeder's #1 success habit to create whatever you want.

#1 Secret to Copywriting Success

Will Newman revisits a secret he revealed in his first article for The Golden Thread, and with good reason.

Why I Still Love Being a Copywriter After Over 30 Years

Nick Usborne tells you what an amazing thing it is to be a freelance copywriter.

Congratulations to Mike Sweeney — Winner of the February Bootcamp Buzz Give-Away

AWAI is excited to announce our February Bootcamp Buzz Winner and provide details about the upcoming March Bootcamp Buzz Give-Away!

How to Get Your First Online Copywriting Clients... Fast

Nick Usborne gives you three of his own favorite recommendations for new freelancers.

Finding Your Perfect Niche as an Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne zeros in on the advantages of choosing a niche, or a specialty.

Why the Opportunity for Web Writers Has Never Been Bigger

Nick Usborne provides you with some areas to focus on that will put yourself firmly on the way to landing clients and growing your business at a rapid pace.

B2B Writing Success is Looking for a Reality Blogger! is looking for a B2B copywriter to be their new Reality Blogger. Read on to learn the details and how to apply.

Why Demand for Online Copywriting Is Growing Fast

The demand for online marketing skills is growing faster than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. Nick Usborne explains why.

The Reliable Resource that Removes Guess Work and Information Overload

Wealthy Web Writer is a great resource for any online marketer or copywriter to hone skills, learn new tips and tricks, or just connect with others in the online marketing space. Rebecca Matter explains to: Learn more about all the benefits and a special limited-time only deal on membership.

Why Almost Every Company Needs an Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne explains why online copywriting opportunities are wide open.

Don't Overspice Your Copy...

Let your words carry the beauty and the impact of your idea. Will Newman shows you how to dress your copy appropriately.

Just Fix It Already!

Jen Adams points out how to make your writing better by understanding your reader’s major perceived problems in life and showing up with great solutions.

B2B Writing Success Hosts Free Teleconference with Steve Slaunwhite on Becoming a Lead-Gen Specialist

In this special teleseminar on Friday, March 21st at 2p.m. Eastern Time, Steve Slaunwhite gives you an inside look at the direct response side of B2B copywriting.

The Incredible Power of "If Only"

How can you find your prospect’s dreams, wishes, and ambitions? Jen Adams explains.

Questions and Answers from the Live Facebook Chat with AWAI’s Co-Managing Partner, Rebecca Matter

On Friday, February 21st Rebecca Matter answered reader’s freelance and copywriting questions via live chat on Facebook. The full transcript from the live chat is displayed below, so that you too can benefit from these common freelance and copywriting queries.

AWAI Member Discovers a Springboard to Launch Her Freelance Career

AWAI member Shelly Moreau has found a great way to get up and running at a local level. And it's a tactic that any freelancer can model in their own hometown.

The Ties That Bind...

Jen Adams focuses on the power of relationships in your writing.

How to Uncover the Big Question for Your Bait Piece

What could you write that would be valuable enough for people to give their email address? Mandy Marksteiner gives you some great ideas for writing your bait piece.

Zeroing In On Your Reader's Core Emotions

Jen Adams talks about the importance of understanding your reader’s feelings.

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