April 2014

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Inbound Link-Building Practices: Don’t Be Put in Google “Time Out”

Inbound link building is still important to SEO success. However, breaking the rules could be devastating. Are you breaking any of them?

A Big Year Keeps Getting Bigger for this Circle of Success Member

AWAI member Julie Hassett made the leap to full-time freelance copywriting. Learn how attending Bootcamp helped launch her copywriting career.

How A-list Copywriters Stay so Productive

Staying organized is key when it comes to running a freelance business. Julie shares her strategies for being productive.

3 Things Every Copywriter Should Do Daily

Julie’s days consist of three parts: writing, marketing and learning. She recommends you include all three of these actions into your daily schedule.

Secrets Every Smart Freelancer Should Know

Julie Hassett enjoys living the writer’s life. In this article, she talks about how she made the leap from the corporate world to the copywriting world.

How to Escape the “Fear and Greed” Straightjacket

Understanding your readers’ emotions is key, but Will Newman suggests that you dig a little deeper and tap into their core complex.

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage, with Social Media

Nick Usborne answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the social media opportunities.

Double Your Income by Adding a Social Media Tab to Your Site

Nick provides talks about why you should add a social media services tab on your site.

Grow Your B2B Writing Business With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undergoing a shift from just another social media site to a true publishing platform. Discover why that’s great news for copywriters.

How You'll Make Money as a Social Media Writer

There are so many different social media opportunities you can take advantage of. Nick talks about some of the most popular opportunities.

3 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Content Marketing

Combining the right content with the right social media channels can boost sales. Here are 3 ways to connect social media efforts with content marketing.

Most Companies are Clueless About Social Media

Nick Usborne explains that most companies are using social media in an unstructured, ineffective way.

Social Media Is Growing Faster than You Think

Nick Usborne talks about how expansive the social media industry is.

I’m Annoyed

Will Newman explains the importance of going beyond fear and greed, and truly understanding your reader’s core beliefs, desires and feelings.

The Writer's Life… Goes on the Road

Living the writer’s life allows AWAI member Lane Sennett to travel cross-country with her husband while running her freelance business in her RV!

Five FAQS About Retainer Agreements

Rebecca Matter answers five frequently asked questions that you may have about retainer agreements.

Now Hiring… Web Content Coordinator for AWAI

AWAI is currently looking to hire a Web Content Coordinator to join the team in Delray Beach, Florida.

This Will Put You in Total Control Of Your Freelance Writing Business

Learn about a great opportunity that, when set up as a retainer agreement, can be a steady source of ongoing income.

Now Hiring… Customer Service Representative for AWAI

AWAI is currently looking to hire a Customer Service Representative to join the team in Delray Beach, Florida.

You Can't Turn This One Off

Rebecca Matter is excited about today’s opportunity because – besides the high fees – once a client starts doing this, it’s nearly impossible to stop.

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