April 2014

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Live: The Barefoot Writer April Issue

This month, The Barefoot Writer has put extra attention into connecting the dots between wanting to be a Barefoot Writer and actually taking that first step.

The Shortcut to Living the Writer’s Life in Record Time

In just a few short weeks, Rebecca Matter be holding a special three-day event for 50 copywriters serious about moving their careers forward.

Why Writers Need Other Writers

Christy Goldfeder shows you why it’s important to connect with other writers, especially when you’re just starting out.

3 Job-Free Ways to Get Paid as a Writer

Christy Goldfeder gives you three ways to make money even before you land those first copywriting gigs.

Why Great Copywriters Don't Grow on Trees

How do you train a writer? And before that, how do you hire a writer to train? John Forde gives his tips and tricks for creating a great copywriter.

How to Go Pro This Week

How can you get hired if you’re starting out and don’t have samples? Christy Goldfeder shows you how to start getting paid writing right now.

Self-Promotion Through Content Curation

Janice Sakata-Schultze provides you with three simple ways you can start curating content as a surprisingly effective self-marketing tool.

AWAI Member Attributes Success, High Fees to Site Audit Service

Leanne Rumsey attributes much of her success to offering Site Audits, a skill she learned through AWAI's Site Audits Made Simple.

Discover Your Secret Writing Super Power

Christy Goldfeder shows you how to tap into your personal super power (you have one, even if you don’t know it) to launch your writing career faster.

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