May 2014

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Circle of Success Instructor Enjoys Sharing in Members' Achievements

Malcolm Smith has been a direct-response copywriter for ten years and now he is an instructor for AWAI’s Circle of Success.

Remember, You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Having a copywriting support group has been a big part of Chris Allsop’s writing career, and here she explains why having those connections is crucial.

Clayton Makepeace’s $12,500 Challenge

Clayton Makepeace is offering a special Spec Challenge for Bootcamp attendees — with a payday of $12,500 PLUS royalties. Learn more here!

The Fastest Way to Advance Copywriting Skills When You’re Busy

Even the most successful copywriters need to continue learning! Chris Allsop explains why in this article.

How I Made a Habit of Recording and Transcribing Interviews

Client interviews cover important facts that you need to recall. Here’s an easy way to capture every word that’s reliable and efficient.

Seeing His Students Blossom Puts a Smile on this Circle of Success Instructor's Face

Marketing guru and Circle of Success Instructor Gary Hennerberg takes pride when his COS students succeed.

Map Your Content Marketing Strategy

No content strategy would be complete without a thorough understanding of how your audience searches for your content. Heather Robson explains why here.

5 Tips to Gain an Extra 20 Hours Per Week

Chris Allsop shares her five favorite strategies that boost productivity.

Accomplish More When You Believe This

Chris Allsop shares tips on building your copywriting business while balancing other parts of your life.

How to Create a Freelance Business While Working Full-Time

Chris Allsop is transitioning to full-time freelance copywriting. In this article, she shares the first step she took during this process.

AWAI Events Prove to Be the Key to Success for this AWAI Member

Circle of Success member Chris Allsop shares how she landed a $12,500 contract by attending AWAI’s annual Bootcamp.

Live Facebook Chat with AWAI’s Co-Managing Partner, Rebecca Matter

Join Rebecca Matter on Friday, May 16th at 2PM ET as she hosts a live Facebook chat to answer your questions about AWAI’s 2014 Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Never as an Afterthought …

The P.S. at the end of a sales letter is one of the most important parts of the copy. Will Newman shares the different ways to make your P.S. stronger and better.

Free Call: 2014 Bootcamp Secrets Revealed!

Bootcamp details will be revealed during a FREE call on Tuesday, May 13th as special guest Joshua Boswell interviews Katie and Rebecca.

Circle of Success Member Takes Full Advantage of the Benefits of Membership … and It Pays Off Big-

Learn how Steve Coombes, an in-demand copywriter, can trace his success to one event that put everything into motion.

How to Get Past Roadblocks

It’s common to hit a roadblock on your copywriting journey. Steve shares some tips for overcoming these obstacles.

A Simple Secret to Getting Paid More

Want to earn a higher fee for the projects you handle? Steve Slaunwhite shares a secret to getting paid more for his work that you can put to use today.

Veteran Copywriter Enjoys the Opportunity to Teach the Next Generation in Circle of Success

Donna Doyle is one of the experts who will lead the upcoming Circle of Success, AWAI's premier educational and career-building resource for copywriters.

Get by With a Little Help from your Friends

Building relationships with fellow copywriters can play an integral in your success. Steve shares how these relationships have helped him progress.

How to Trade Up for Better-Paying Clients

Once you have some copywriting experience under your belt, you should raise your fees. Christina shares some techniques for landing better-paying clients.

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