July 2014

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One Thing Every Writer Should Master

This one thing can help you become a MUCH better copywriter and, as a result, help you succeed faster in your career… no matter what kind of copy you write.

Learning From the Very Best

Will Newman tells you about a copywriter who’s achieved platinum copywriting success … and how you can learn the secrets behind his success.

Dominant Emotion Copy Wins Every Time

Why dominant emotion wins when it comes to sales copy. Plus, five dominant emotions that can explode your response and make you a more successful copywriter.

Congratulations to AWAI’s Great Books Club August Winners!

These ten lucky Great Books Club August Winners won a free copy of Ogilvy on Advertising. Congrats!

August Great Books Club Selection: Ogilvy on Advertising [video]

The August selection for the Great Books Club is Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy.

Increase Your $/Hour Writing Rate

Rebecca Matter reveals how to work faster so you can take on more projects. These productivity tips are different from the normal ones you read about.

Why Small is the New Big for B2B Copywriters

Are you so busy chasing big companies that you’re missing a big opportunity? Steve Slaunwhite reveals who’s hiring B2B copywriters today.

Give Clients the Chance to Hire You

Clients would much rather work with you again and again if the experience is positive, than try and find someone new every time they have another project.

Spec Assignment Sets this AWAI Member's New Career in Motion

Learn how Elizabeth Blessing landed a great writing gig by submitting a spec assignment that is offered in AWAI’s health copywriting program.

B2B Copywriter Lands Several Big-Time Clients… and One Special Client at Home Too

AWAI member Steve Maurer is successfully growing his freelance copywriting career. Read on to learn about his high-paying, ongoing writing gigs.

3 Hats You Never Dreamed You’d Wear as a Web Writer

Some hats, you expect to wear as a freelancer. But these three hats—while unexpected—can make you a much better writer and lead you to copywriting success.

How to Find the “Dream” Clients

Once you have a list of potential clients, here are some additional tips for ensuring you’re choosing clients who will be the most valuable to your business.

How Many Projects Can You Take On?

Regardless of your writing niche, you should ultimately be able to provide a variety of services to your clients. They’ll soon see you as their “go-to writer.”

So Much Work for Freelance Writers

Rebecca Matter shows you how to set yourself up as a “go-to writer” for the dream clients who’ll make your path to the writer’s life a fun and enjoyable one.

Murder and the Art of Copywriting

Every writer falls in love with some of their ideas and phrases, but sometimes those beloved words must be eliminated in order to follow the Rule of One.

Money or Abundance? How to Get Both.

If you’ve ever felt any anxiety or fear about becoming a professional writer, meditation can help you focus on building a long-term, profitable career.

The Day My Life Changed Forever

Have you ever felt stuck? Annette Annechild, Ph.D. shares how this one simple practice can change your life forever.

Peaceful 3-Step Process to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles for writers to overcome. This 3-step process helps to push past distractions and tame procrastination for good.

Get Your B2B Freelance Copywriting Career Moving Forward Today

Discover the key to getting your B2B freelance copywriting career unstuck and moving forward, regardless of where you are today.

A Backwards Way to Unleash Creative Potential

This simple trick helps you soar past mental and emotional blocks you might sometimes face, and frees you up to pursue a long-term career as a paid writer.

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