November 2015

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Free Webinar: Create Ongoing Revenue Streams Writing About Your Hobbies, Interests and Passions

Join Nick Usborne and Rebecca Matter on December 1st as they show you step-by-step how to get paid for your writing month after month … writing about topics you love … without having to land a single client!

Six Words Your Client is Dying to Hear You Say

Knowing how to write direct-response copy will give you a huge advantage over other writers because these days, everything is measurable. From opens to clicks to shares, clients want writers who can get their readers to take action.

How to Capture a Client’s “Unique Voice”

There are two types of voices in copywriting: the copywriter's voice and the letter writer's voice. Here, Will Newman explains the difference between the two and shares techniques for perfecting them.

Live Facebook Chat on Getting Clients With Joshua Boswell

AWAI's Six-Figure Copywriter Joshua Boswell will be hosting a live Facebook Chat on getting clients next Thursday December 3rd at 8pm!

Ask These 3 Questions and Watch Your Income Soar

When you control the conversation, you also control your destiny. These three questions put you in the driver seat of living the writer’s life.

The Writer’s Life: 7 Unusual Things I’m Grateful For

The writer’s life has many benefits you’re familiar with. Here are seven unusual thing that Nan Hughes has enjoyed as a freelancer.

Use This 7-Point Checklist to Get Clients to Say, “Yes”

Finding clients to hire you to write for them is easy as long as you’re using this proven 7-point check list that answers their most pressing questions.

Three Ways Attending Live Events Will Drive Your Success

Attending live events can be a force for good in your web-writing business. They help you build connections, momentum, and knowledge.

1,000 Writers Wanted, No Experience Required

Joshua Boswell is looking for 1,000 people to beta test his new client-getting, business-building program, the Getting Clients Roadmap. Sign up here to pave your road to success ... No experience necessary!

Your Success Lies in Finding the Ideal Client

The first step in being a sought after copywriter is choosing the right company to write for. Find that company and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you succeed.

A Secret Formula for Landing High Paying Projects

There’s one thing you need to do when working with a client that could easily mean the difference between one project or multiple ones: Ask a lot of questions.

Now Hiring: AWAI Events Manager

AWAI is currently looking to hire an Events Manager to join the team in Delray Beach, Florida.

How to Speak Intelligently About Everything That Matters

Mark Morgan Ford's new book, How to Speak Intelligently About Everything That Matters, is your new "cheat sheet" for great ideas! Learn more about his book here.

Why the Best Way to Generate a Steady Stream of Income is Having ONE Client

The secret to making the most money as a freelance writing is working with the same client and getting one project after another. The most profitable marketing work you will ever do is with the clients you already have.

Smart Networking Lands AWAI Member Her First Big Project

Substitute teacher networks with family and friends to find her way to confidence and a successful freelance career.

AWAI Member Finds Her Ideal Client, Lands Her First Major Project

AWAI member gets confidence from Accelerated Copywriting Program and Bootcamp. Find out how she lands her first client, blogging job, and retainer contact.

How to Speak Intelligently About Everything That Matters

Mark Ford has just released his new book, and it will improve your life and build your confidence in speaking with others.

You Don’t Have to be a Master to Master this Medium

Writers express themselves with words, but a way to boost your creativity and enhance your writing is by doing something artistic like painting.

Build Your Personal Brand in 6 Easy Steps

It’s always nice to be recognized from a personal perspective, but as a freelance business owner, it's critical for business success.

What You and Great Scientists Have in Common

Like scientists who live their lives doing experiments, finding your perfect writing niche requires a little bit of trial and error. The best way to discover your niche is to not waste time on markets that don’t interest you.

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