November 2015

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Six Reasons Creating An Info-Product Will Grow Your Writing Business

Discover six reasons why creating your own info-product is one of the best ways to grow your writing business.

Barefoot Writer Publishes Free NaNoWriMo Special Report

Do you dream of writing a book? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to participate in the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but weren’t sure how to get started, Barefoot Writer’s new NaNoWriMo Special Report offers the jump-start you need.

Copywriters: Move Here If You Want to Get Rich (Plus an Awesome Job Opportunity)

Our friends at Equitymaster, an industry-leading financial publisher partnered with Agora Inc. is in need of a copwriter and want to fill the position with an AWAI member. Read more for details.

Reality Blog Challenge Finalists

Wealthy Web Writer is seeking two new Reality Bloggers for 2016. Meet the five finalists for this exciting opportunity.

Now Open: Dan Kennedy’s Info Marketing Program

Enrollment is open for million-dollar copywriter Dan Kennedy’s comprehensive program to prepare writers to work within the information marketing industry.

Follow Up to Get Ahead

Following up with your client shows them you’re engaged and committed to their projects. Find out how big a difference follow-up can make.

Where To Find Info-Marketing Clients… Even If You’re A Complete Newbie

Discover three simple ways to find info-marketing clients even if you are just getting started as a copywriter.

9 Ways to Get Unstuck While Writing

Sooner of later every writer faces a moment when the words won’t come. Use this 9 tips to help you get unstuck when facing writer’s block.

How to Cash in by Providing a Turn-key Solution for Info-marketing Clients

Find out why info-marketing clients need so much copy and how to provide a turn-key solution that will keep writing assignments flowing your way.

Three Questions You Must Answer Before Creating an Info-Product

Create info-products that generate the maximum amount of income by researching these three questions before you create the info-product.

Now Hiring: Product Creation and Fulfillment Coordinator

AWAI is currently looking to hire a Product Creation and Fulfillment Coordinator to join the team in Delray Beach, Florida.

Discover A Lucrative, In-Demand Writing Opportunity Hidden In Plain Sight

Discover one of the best, most lucrative writing opportunities available today for beginners and pros alike that has an insatiable appetite for copy.

Controlling Time, So it Doesn’t Control You

As a freelance writer, it can be hard to settle down and get to work, so having and sticking to an established work schedule is crucial. Here Will Newman shares his daily routine.

Free Teleconference: Million-Dollar Copywriter Dan Kennedy Takes You Inside the Information Marketing Industry and Reveals Everything You Need to Succeed in this Highly Lucrative Niche

Join Dan Kennedy on Tuesday, November 3 for a FREE one-hour teleconference where he’ll provide you with a roadmap to a successful info-marketing career.

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