February 2016

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Learning about the Writer’s Life from a 13-Year-Old

Lessons in achieving the writer’s life can come from unusual and unexpected places. Today, a 13-year-old gives us a valuable lesson.

Free Webinar Training: 3 Simple Steps for Landing Great Clients

Learn from two of AWAI's best this Thursday by signing up NOW for a FREE webinar on 3 Simple Steps for Landing Great Clients

AWAI Launches Brand-New Program, Write Your First Novel Now!

A 12-Week Blueprint that Cuts the “How-To” Clutter and Helps You Get Your Book DONE.

Halfway through the Copywriting Program, AWAI Member Lands Job!

With the skills she learned from The Accelerated Copywriting Program and the support from others, this member landed the perfect job combining both her passion and new skill ... and she was only halfway through!

One Final Secret to Becoming the Best Online Copywriter

Web writing guru Nick Usborne shares his secret for the fastest way to develop your skillset and become a top-shelf copywriter.

Thinking About Becoming an Online Copywriter? Let Me Answer Your Questions First…

Interested in writing for the ever-growing web industry? Here Rebecca Matter answers some questions you may have about becoming a web copywriter.

Free Webinar Recording: Make a Living as an Online Copywriter

The demand for web writers is HUGE, so Rebecca Matter and Nick Usborne recorded a webinar about taking advantage of the opportunity. Listen here for free!

5 Red Flags That Signal a Problem

While the vast majority of prospects make wonderful clients, there are some you’d rather avoid. Here are five red flags to look for.

How to Find Your First Clients

Need online copywriting projects? Check out these strategies for reaching out to potential clients and companies in industries you are really interested in.

Are You Using Enough Types of Content on Your Website?

You can make your client’s website work better in terms of lead generation, audience engagement, and overall sales by using more types of content.

Nothing Beats Earning 6-Figures While Doing Work You Really Enjoy!

You can make six-figures a year as an online copywriter, with any kind of writing. Here are some examples of high-paying online writing gigs.

How to Find the Online Copywriting Work You’ll Love Most

Want to be an online copywriter but unsure what to write about? Here are some tips to identify the kinds on online writing projects you’ll really love to work on.

How to Fall in Love with Your Career

Imagine how life would feel if you truly loved your work and it earned you six figures a year. This week, Nick Usborne talks about the $300 billion industry that that writers can tap into to build a profitable freelance business.

What Do Fountain Pens Have to Do With Copywriting?

Learn what key marketing and business technique took a company from selling their product from their home to a 12,000-square-foot facility and $3.4 million annual revenues.

Live: The Barefoot Writer February Issue

The February Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

How I Scheduled for My Copywriting Success

Adapt this 9-step scheduling strategy to your life to improve productivity and reach freelance success faster.

3 Tips for Effective B2B SEO Research

Doing SEO research for B2B companies can be tricky. Asking these three questions will help you find the right keywords and keyphrases.

2 Minutes to More Powerful and Focused Writing

Follow this easy - and scientifically proven - trick to improve confidence and ramp up your writing career.

Increasing Website Engagement — 7 Strategies

Increasing website engagement can lead to your visitors spending more time on your site, sharing your content more often, and buying more from you.

Where I Found Copywriting Success

If you want to become a successful copywriter, study a systematic program, based on proven copywriting principles.

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