July 2016

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Build Profitable Habits That Stick

Have you tried the 21-day approach to building habits, only to feel frustrated. Try this “sticky” method of building profitable habits instead.

Austin Marketing Manager Exceeds Corporate Income with Copywriting

AWAI member Brian Whitaker escaped the corporate world and is now making a six-figure career living the writer's life. You can read all about his journey here!

Benefits that Sing and Soar — in Five Simple Steps: Part 1

Do you use “Faux Benefits” instead of real benefits in your promos? Clayton Makepeace shows how to avoid this success-killing mistake in five simple steps.

Make Your Product’s Benefits SPARKLE

Many copywriters don't understand this essential secret to copywriting success: Don't sell your product! Why? Let Clayton Makepeace tell you.

Why You Can’t Rush Your Success as a GREAT Copywriter

Becoming a GREAT copywriter is possible if you put in the time. But it doesn’t happen overnight… it takes patience, persistence, and perspiration.

Special Announcement … Test Drive Wealthy Web Writer for a Buck!

Get one month of complete access to the Wealthy Web Writer site for only one dollar!

Free Webinar: 3 Steps to Royalties and Better Copywriting Clients

Join Clayton Makepeace this Tuesday for a FREE webinar where he'll help you get more projects, land better clients and boost your income. Get more details and sign up here!

Master These 8 Things and Guarantee Your Success as a B2B Copywriter

Looking to break into B2B or hoping to grow your business? There are eight things you’ll want to master. And expert B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite covers them all in this insightful video.

Land B2B Copywriting Jobs After Training from Top B2B Experts

Your last chance to train hands-on with top B2B experts and be able to land the top B2B copywriting jobs.

Copywriting Training Launches Satisfying Career for Freelancer

Copywriting training helped Shannon Goheen find a satisfying and lucrative career – and indulge in her lifelong love of writing while getting paid.

3 Essential Strategies for Dominating in B2B Copywriting

B2B success starts with choosing the right niche. But that's not enough… not if you really want to achieve the writer’s life. Here's the rest of the story.

Land Freelance Writing Jobs on the Web with the Right Training

Online companies desperately need copywriters. Learn to write for the web and land high-paying freelance writing jobs.

How to Choose a B2B Copywriting Niche

Casey Demchak has been a successful medical B2B copywriter for 16 years. His secret? It started with making the right choice.

Is Money or Passion the Key to a Profitable Niche?

You want a profitable niche. But you want to enjoy it, too. Here’s how you can find the perfect niche for your copywriting business.

Seven Savvy Ways to Structure Your Web-Writing Business

When it comes to your web-writing business structure, you have a lot of options. See seven of the most common here.

Free Webinar: How to Make Money as an Online Copywriter

On Friday, July 15th, Join Rebecca Matter and Nick Usborne on a FREE webinar explaining everything it takes to make it as an online copywriter.

Choose the Online Copywriting Work You’ll Enjoy the Most

Online copywriting and its exploding abundance of opportunity is a great way to achieve the writer's life. But with so many opportunities, which should you pick?

Get Training to Take on High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Online

There are thousands of high-paying online freelance writing jobs waiting for you. Now you can get the right training to take them on with confidence.

Kansas City Father of 10 Tops Six Figures Working Part Time

Joshua Boswell is a well-known name among AWAI. But his six-figure career didn't happen overnight...Find out here how he worked through the programs, got clients, and made his dreams come true!

The Story of Exploding Abundance for Online Copywriters

Has anybody told you new copywriters are locked out from the rich opportunities of online copywriting? Nick Usborne tells us how wrong that is.

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