July 2016

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Learn How to Land Freelance Writing Clients

At Bootcamp, top copywriter Dan Kennedy explains how to land freelance writing clients.

Building Long-term Financial Independence - The Rest of the Story

Want to build long-term financial independence? It's easy when you know how and where to start. Here’s the rest of the story…

The "Queen of Controls” and Creative Genius Carline Anglade-Cole Says AWAI’s New Advanced Training Program is a Learning Breakthrough

Not only is Carline Anglade-Cole a creative genius and master of sales copy, she'll be part of the team of experts joining AWAI's new Advanced Training Program. Read here for more details!

The "Rogues Gallery" Secret for Writing Emails People Eagerly Look Forward to Reading and Buying From

The more you dramatize problems the prospect suffers, the more valuable the product you are selling becomes. Here’s the simple way to make your product the hero.

Breaking News: Opportunity of a Lifetime for Copywriters

With a ratio of 5 attendees to 1 copy chief, Clayton Makepeace's upcoming Intensive, The Makepeace Method for Writing Million-Dollar Sales Letters in 7 Days or Less, is not only a great way to get personal attention and hands on feedback - even experienced copywriters are planning on attending to improve their skills, meet new writers, and learn Clayton's method. Find out more and sign up here!

Questions about B2B Intensive (4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop)

If you're still undecided about AWAI's 4 Week's to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop, Rebecca Matter may be able to answer any questions you might have. Don't wait too long, you can save $1,000 if you register by July 15th!

Landing Content Writing Projects through Smart Networking

Content writing projects have led to a successful freelance career for Shawn Maus. Find out how he did it – and get tips so you can do the same.

How to Become Independently Wealthy

Copywriting can make you a lucrative income. But Mark Ford advises a lucrative income does not necessarily mean becoming independently wealthy.

Copywriting Jobs from Financial Publisher at Job Fair

Financial publisher Weiss Research confirms they’ll be at Job Fair, offering copywriting jobs.

Package Your Copywriting Services in 8 Simple Steps

If you don’t know how to price your services right, you'll sink into the pit of “desperation pricing.” Follow 8 steps to package your copy services.

B2B Copywriting is Open to All

Mac Bull explains why there is an opportunity for you in B2B copywriting, even if you have a disability.

Content Marketing: Capture Your Reader’s Attention

Content marketing continues its meteoric rise, but to succeed you must capture your reader’s attention. Use these three proven ways to do that.

What Clients Look for in a B2B Copywriter

B2B copywriting is a very lucrative path to the writer's life. But what do B2B clients look for when they want to hire you? Steve Slaunwhite gives us the inside track.

Full Contact Online Marketing Inc. is Hiring!

FCOM is looking for a direct response copywriter, for a full-time position in Merrick, NY. For more information, read here!

Eight of the World’s Top B2B Copywriters — Who Are Never in the Same Place at the Same Time — Join Together to Show a Select Group the Shortcut to B2B Mastery

Learn B2B secrets from eight Master Copywriters and get the best B2B copywriting jobs in this virtual workshop.

Copywriting Keeps North Carolina Woman near the Ocean

Because of the freedom and flexibility of a freelance career, Charlotte Hicks Crockett can continue doing what she enjoys - spending time in the water - while running her own copywriting business. Read all about her story here!

How to Avoid Getting Your Newsletter Deleted

Your next B2B client (or your first one) may ask you to write a newsletter. Here's how to keep it from being deleted.

Here’s How to Make Sure Your Copy Passes the Perry Mason Test

Proof is one of the most crucial elements in good copy. Here are eight techniques you can use to prove your case beyond any reasonable doubt.

Free Webinar and Q&A: Creating a Personal Roadmap to Well-Paid Writing

Find out how to navigate the opportunities for writers by joining Rebecca this Friday on a FREE webinar and Q&A about creating a personal roadmap to well-paid writing.

Live: The Barefoot Writer July Issue

The July Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

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